(OR: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.)
If you watch CNN or CBS or read any of the Left leaning papers and mags, you hear or see something like, “ THE DEATH OF THE GOP. How Trump is Tearing apart the party of Lincoln”. This was on the cover of ”The Week Magazine” with a picture of a coffin filled with an Elephant and a down cast Lincoln with hand on the casket. Just happened to come out on top of the Nancy Reagan Memorial.
Now you would think that common sense folks would not announce the death of a living breathing object like a political party. Of course they don’t have CS. History should have told them that to do so is folly. They do not read history. Common sense folks would not, but those with a disabled common sense would because they cannot put up with reality. They need Alice in Wonderland just to survive. Everything the G.O.P represents, such as a strong work ethic, scares the hell out of the dreamers. “Work, you mean actually take care of myself and my family, Oh, My God (Ups excuse me.) Oh, My Goodness what am I to do. I know, I will predict the GOPs death. Ahhhh!!, now, I feel so much better.” Yep, that is how it goes down at the Lu Lu farm. In reality people are coming out of the wood work to vote for him. As Christy said, it’s a movement. So it is.
These things we know about both parties. The insiders do not want to be on the outside. This is why Bernie is doing so well against the most entrenched establishment in the world of establishments. His followers want to break down the walls.. The same is true of the Grand Ole Party. The outsides want someone to fill all the trenches up so the establishment will have to leave the field of battle. The outsiders do not want a compromiser. Compromisers give up our rights. They want a non-compromiser who will make the other son of a B, give up his. They do not want someone who will cave to Mexico, to China, to the Middle East or to anyone for that matter. They want someone to stand tall, and when he claps his hands thunder can be heard dancing over the establishment. They seem to believe Trump is the Knight on the great White Horse who has come to kiss sleeping beauty.
Trump is well on his way to wrapping it up. When Rubio loses in Florida he will opt out. Kassic is already dead in the water. The only contender is T. Cruz, but only Trump seems to know where sleeping beauty sleeps. Trump’s New York carnival salesman style has left the political wizards gasping for air. So it shall be.
The question we all need to worry about, is whether Trump will take advice from good common sense folks. Rooster believes he will. He always has, but he decides who has the common sense. His success in business has not been just due to his style, but his willingness to listen and read and understand. Remember he is the only one who was curious enough to hire people to explore Obama’s background. The fact that Sheriff Joe, who himself went to Hawaii with two investigators to make the search, was early to back Trump’s play speaks volumes. Trump is the only one who will expose Obama for the fraud he is. Rooster’s guess is that he will appoint a special task force (out of the FBI) to find out all there is to know and then present it to the public. That’s all. That will do it. Obama’s carefully nurtured legacy will fall, as it should. If it is necessary, Trump could, after he has appointed a true constitutionalist to the Supreme Court, use his executive power to declare everything Obama signed null and void, because of his fraud. Let the leftists supporters try to undue that.
Just one caveat, Rooster is not one of his advisors.
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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