(OR: What’s with all the sermons, Mr. Obama?)
On February 3, Obama gave a speech at a Muslim Mosque in Baltimore. The next day February 4, 2016 he gave a different speech to a collection of legislators and staff at the Washington D.C. National Prayer Breakfast in celebration of Christianity.
Now why do you suppose he did that, Martha? His church going and his true beliefs are very twisted to say the least. He has publically said he does not attend church on a regular basis, so as not to cause difficulties. When he has gone, in the D.C. area, he has selected a variety of Christian churches, and mostly they are Baptist and the majority of them have mostly black congregations. We understand that any time the President attends anything it is expensive and disrupts normal life. Obviously there are security reasons. However his religious conduct is beyond reality. His approach to Islam convinces this writer that his core love is Islam. He calls himself a Christian, yet he does not grieve or even talk about the many Christians who daily are killed by Muslims around the world. When he speaks the word Jesus, it is with a slight hesitation, as if he is uncomfortable with it. In his own book he tells us the most beautiful sound to him is the Muslim call to prayers.
During Obamas speech at the Mosque he repeatedly talked of hate-full speech against Islam and how everyone should know Islam is an American Religion and must be accepted. He is wrong and on purpose. Islam is not a Religion. It is not like any other religion in its beliefs. It is most of all a government with its own law. Its religion simply is the glue to obtain blind faith. It is the same as if Communism had its own God. As communism is considered an enemy of a constitutional government, so to is Islam. Shiri law is not compatible. On this issue Obama has all the indications of blind faith for Islam. It appears to hide it with a Christian robe. Since he is a kaleidoscope of lies we probably will never know.
So can we speculate why he goes to a Mosque one day and to a Christian gathering the next? Why the rush to the pulpit? Together both events are simply his continuing campaign to champion Islam. Remember he refuses to use Islam as a cause of terrorism. To him the terror bent Muslim as just some sort of mentally imbalanced person. They never are one who is motivated by blind faith. His imbalance is clearly seen in his 2015 National Prayer Breakfast, where he condemned the Crusades as evil and full of terror, when that is contrary to history. Lest you forget, the reason for the Crusades was because Islam continued killing Christians in Constantinople and caused mayhem for any Christians going to the holy lands. Had they been peaceful and held out their hand to visitors to the holy places and left the remains of the Roman Empire alone, there never would have been one crusade, let alone 9 of them. Obama denies this, if he knows it.
The conclusion is that he went to the Mosque first, so as not to offend any Muslims. Politically he had to go to the Prayer event. Politically he set up the Mosque visit. He is either a fake, or mentally deficient. Clearly he is not a man of principals. Clearly his sermon on the mound is unbelievable.

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