(OR; Liberals hide their true purpose, always.)

When Obama unilaterally lifted the Cuban embargo, and by executive order opened that Communist sink hole to American money, most of us could not figure out why? What was the reason he did such a dictatorial thing. Of course the fact that he is a communist sympathizer, and liberal doctrinaire certainly made some sense of it. But there had to be some other reason. Was it to help Russia? No, Russia was really out of the Cuban picture. They really do not want to further support a failure. Was it to honor a pledge he made? No he never made the pledge to open Cuba. Was it simply to help a dismal failure of socialism, which was always washing up on Americans shores? Maybe. Certainly Cuba’s failure had to be and is an embarrassment to his call for a Socialistic America. Was it just a silly part of his desire to do big things before he leaves office? No, this just does not fit. It has too many loose ends to fit into his legacy. Was it simply being a human being by helping the miserable life most Cubans live?. No, he has never shown such sympathy anyplace else so why start with a socialist failure?
Why then did President Obama open up Cuba to our wealth? What something in the news today that might help? Anything there give you a hint? It’s there.
Obama’ is going to keep one of his pledges come hell or high water. That pledge, which he has yet to keep, is still very much in every ones ears. It is now his last year and he has to get it done.
He is planning on closing GITMO by executive order. Right now he has reduced the population, by moving out 10 Yemans, down to less than 100. He is doing this by transferring the inmates to American Prisons. He is doing that right now and will continue to do so until the last part of his term. His justification for using executive orders is because Congress will not help him. In other words he is going to ignore the opposition of Congress.
But why did he cozy up to Cuba first? Of course. Now it is clear. Not only will he remove all the prisoners from GITMO, he will destroy the American possession in the process. Thus if the GOP wins they will not be able to reopen it. How will he do that? Simple. First, he will remove all the inmates. Second, He will just remove all our people and let Cuba move in. If there is no one in GITMO to keep trespassers out, guess how long it will take for them to move in. Maybe a day. He could not easily do this for a Cuba we continued to Sanction, but he can get away with it if we are friendly to the Cuban socialist government. Once Cuba is back in possession it will play hell getting it back.
Rooster is not privy to any inside information. He is just using common sense. All this kissy face now makes sense. Let’s see.
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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