(OR: One for the money, two for the show & away we go.)

First, an overview of Democrat happenings. Without question the Democrat party is now a Socialist party. This leaves a lot of Democrats, in name only, looking for a home. Their loss of the Progressive cover is the result of allowing our Schools to teach socialist doctrine in many disguises. Such as crying and wringing hands about head shots in Soccer, to curtailing free speech (two days ago United Airlines kicked off a women passenger who called Hillary a bitch.), with political correctness. It has been going on for some 40 years and the new clueless are now of voting age. Without critical analysis they want free candy and they want everyone to be nice. Neither exist. Fortunately, the hard core of these people probably constitutes no more than 1/3 of the total number voting. That is one heck of a bunch.
Second, the Grand Old Party folks are beside themselves, sort of. The thinkers understand they have to choose a “damn the torpedoes type of guy” , if they are to keep the Constitution and its guaranteed freedoms. The non-thinkers want a compromiser to let them keep what they have. Since the 60s the GOP has mostly been run by those who give in. A constitutionalist cannot compromise with a socialist. Those foolish people who would give away the kitchen sink to keep the kitchen, put up McCain and Romney. Now times are different. It is no longer GOP Progressive and Democrat Progressive it is now Socialist vs Constitutionalist. The GOP choice really comes down to Trump or Cruz. It is a tough choice. Trump is his own man and apparently a thinking conservative. Cruz is clearly a Constitutional Conservative with proven credentials. The other candidates come in various colors of compromise. J. Bush is gone after spending 11 million. Rubio has a track record of compromise. Too bad and that’s it.
What to do? What to do? Trump has to get specific enough that he does not scare folks. Hollow rhetoric like Obama will not work in the GOP long haul. For example spell out what he hopes to do when we are rid of Obama care. If he comes up with another government run plan he is toast. If he wants to keep conservatives he has to adopt a private enterprise system that will be competitive and works. Tell the voters he is going to kick out the Department of Education and send the curriculum to the PTAs where it belongs. Tell the voters he is mad as hell about our Countries Enemies and we are not going to take it anymore. Tell everyone he is going to undue any treaty or agreement in trade that does not protect American business first. We do not need tariffs, but we do need a level playing field and that can be done with standards. That’s more or less it. Without the detail he is stoppable.
Cruz has to preach the sermon. He has to sell himself as a Knight Templar protecting the Constitution. He needs to shout to high heaven. He must also be specific and pound the table every time he repeats the specific. Take his tie off and roll up his sleeves and pull no punches. He has already been pretty good on details. Now he must show his difference to Trump. He has to make himself, Mr. Specific and toot the big horn that Trump is not. This campaign is not one of compromise.
Both must stay off each others backs.
Right now true conservative thinkers (about 1/3 of those who vote.) like Cruz’s specifics, but they also like the potential Trump seems to offer. If Trump would be conservative specific the waters would part. If Cruz throws off his towel and charges out punching for his specifics, the water would part for him. As Abbott and Costello used to argue, “Whose on first.”
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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