(OR:   Sometimes the easy fix is just too easy.)

Most are wondering how to get a grip on Islam to reduce its threat to free societies.  For over 20 years we have been burning sand in the Middle East and getting nowhere. Russia and Britain wasted many years there as well.  At home there is no way we can protect ourselves from the self-developed nut cakes who want to die for Allah.

There is little to no hope that our leaders have the guts to identify this as a religious war, or crusade. There is no hope our leaders or the UN will call upon all Muslim leaders to clean house.  Is there something short of that which would work and not cost us much?  Yes, there is, but again you need leaders who can belly up to the bar.

The answer is OIL.   If our leaders simply issued an executive order (You now know how easy that is.) that no oil can be purchased from any country which does not condemn and actively work to rid the planet of terrorism, oil would stop flowing from the middle east and places like Venezuela.  Actually Congress could pass such a law, God wiling.  At the same time Canada, the US, and Mexico could work out a pack that all their oil would be dedicated to their own use first.  This would also require an open door for oil development and a muzzle on wacko environmentalist.  The financial impact in the three countries would be excellent. Think of the new jobs created.    There is enough oil to do this, without too much angst.  Once the development kicked in the angst would be over.

It would be nice if Europe and China would also agree.  Europe could by buying our excess and opening up Russia oil.  Russia has no love for Muslims so it should work.

The result would be an immediate depression in the Middle East and in rogue countries like Venezuela.  Money to wage jihad etc. would shrink.  The present government in Venezuela would collapse, much easier than the established Muslim countries.  Even in the latter there would be major internal strife.

Countries like France, with 6 or so million Muslims, could demand that resident Muslims reject sharia law and conform to the customs and laws of France, or be removed. Many would conform since the support from the Middle East would have gone with the wind.

You see what kept the Muslim threat subdued was the inevitable poverty it creates upon itself.   Islam lives in a barbaric form of the dark ages. Only the world’s demand for oil gave them money to burn.   When the progressive environmentalist were shutting down our domestic oil in the 60s the demand in the Middle East shot thru the roof.  1965 to 85 was a boom time for those Countries.  This affluence gave the terrorist side a boost.  The oil glut in the world, of the 80s caused oil to fall to $10.00 a barrel in 1986.  Depression hit them and they shut down their effort for world domination.  1987 saw the start of the Palestine/Israel conflicts, but they were mostly internal.  No other big deal came along until oil regained its price per barrel.

Point is if Europe and the North American Countries stopped buying Middle East  oil Islamic terror would dry up in a heartbeat.   What oil they would sell to the rest of the world would be insufficient to fund world conflict.  This would not get rid of Islam, but would leave it to suffer its own sores.   The only wild card is China, but with a unified front China would help.  After all they have their own problems with Muslims and no love is lost.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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