(OR: Mirror–Mirror on the wall who is the most politically correct.)

Live and let live, is not something progressives say or agree with.   They believe in living by rules. Rules they set.  Jump this high, not that high is the typical progressive mantra. Yet, many of them will say “Live and let Live” and expect you to believe them.  Do you?

The similarity of the above is found in the most recent Greek Vote.  In case you missed it, the Progressives, communists, socialist (whatever), just took over about 1/2 of the legislature with approximately 1/3 of the vote.  Doing so is possible when a Country has many parties, as does Greece.  The reason for their election was because a minority was dissatisfied with austerity.  The reason for the austerity was because former progressives destroyed the economy with overspending, in an attempt to make their typical progressive false promises come true.  Common sense tells anyone, you cannot spend beyond your means without chaos.  But let’s get back on point.

The success of the progressives in Greece is a mirror of what happens in many Countries where Democracy has been or is being tried.   In fact it occurred here in 2008 and 2012.  Progressives  lie.  They tell non- thinkers what they want to hear, with no intent of making it happen.  Obama telling the gullible that they could keep their doctor if they wanted, and that his health care would be cheaper is a great example.  Thinking  people,  with sufficient IQ and a robust common sense, knew Obama lied.  Here, as in Greece, the opposition did not call progressives on their lies. There the progressives said voting for them meant the end of austerity, implying good times.  That is the lie.   No one took them to task.  No one shouted to the roof tops, that the great Con was loose in the neighborhood.  In the US the opposition, such as  McCain,  and  Romney, did not want to sound harsh, or mean spirited.  So it was in Greece.  Lies win when political correctness is the rule in the playing field.

Of course the success of the lies has a deeper problem.  Rooster has said many times, that in any population about 1/3 are going to be common sense disabled.  These are the dupes.  These are the ones who will fawn and weep for the liar, because they are desperate for good news.  They cannot cope with unpleasant reality.   They are ready for the lie to work. They will fall for it taking all the line and sinker.  The Con knows that.   There are only two ways to battle this disability.  Either forbid the non- thinker from voting (Use a public awareness test.) or damn, political correctness, and full speed ahead.  This means call out the progressive, for their falseness.  Of course you can temper the response.  You do not have to say, “You are a liar”.  You can say, “What you say is absolutely false and you should be ashamed trying to fool people”.

As you think about those running for President, let this be your ultimate test.  Will the person get on the tallest soap box and point their finger and demand the truth.  If not then keep looking.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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