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First we thinkers must agree on a couple of things.  Number one, the average person does not want to think about evil.  Second, average people want to be tolerant of different beliefs.  Why?   It is the natural desire to live in peace, free of daily fear, and make it into heaven, if there is one.

In the world of beliefs, about the hereafter,  Islam stands out markedly different. This difference is what the average thinking person would call essential evil.   It is not that they call their God, Allah. It is not that they have distinctive churches or tall  places where a religious chanter can disturb the peace of the neighborhood. It is not that they have a distinctive way of dressing.   No,  it is none of these as  many religions do similar things. It is that they will kill and terrorize to convert you to their belief.  That is what the Islamic State and Al Qaeda are doing every day– today. .

Forget the peaceful Muslim because they, by their own indifference, are not relevant.  When you think of Islam you must identify with the Radicals, because it is they who rule the day.

Now think about this.   All religions want to grow and become bigger.  It is the nature of one human trying to get others to go along with their ideas.   Think of it as a comfort zone.  Catholics feel more comfortable with other Catholics.  Hindus feel safer with other Hindus.   Even atheist have less stress with like-minded folks. Clearly Muslims feel more secure with other Muslims around them.   Each religion tries to expand.  Think of the Mormon Church.  They have a huge missionary network.  If you are observant you can see them at work.  Generally they work in pairs and always dress semi formally. They are hard at work to obtain converts.  Most protestant preachers and their followers go out of their way to meet with and counsel with nonbelievers to gain more membership. The Pope, as this is written, in on a world tour to do the same.   Islam is different.   Most all other religions rely on the old and new testament.  Some do not, but only one Religion follows Gods word in the Koran.  Think of this difference.  The Bible, the Hindu books of Veda etc. are all hearsay.  That is they represent the word of a supreme being as told by a human.  Muslims do not have to deal with hearsay.  They have Gods words.  Mohamad, who could not write, dictated, (some time after he came out of the cave), the exact words of their Allah.  Muslims do not see a hearsay problem with that.

Like most religions Islam’s leaders recognized long ago that it was much easier to have a new born as a follower, than to go out, like the Mormon’s (and others) and convert them by persuasion.  Certainly the Catholic Church is a grand example of pushing this way to grow.  No contraception and 12 kids is just dandy.  Islam has carried this to an extreme.   Muslims believe they must have as many children as they can.  It is Allah’s will.   This is one of the reasons they congregate around welfare systems that will allow them to do just that.   However, unlike all other significant religions today, Islam does not just depend on birth rates or logic.

Allah has, via the Koran, dictated to them, many times, that non-believers are infidels who should be converted under threat of violence, if need be.  If they will not then they should be killed or turned into slaves.   The initial spread of Islam out of Mecca (Try to remember there was no Islam before then.), around 600 BC,  was by the sword and conquest.  Islamic tribes simply defeated a village, killed the leaders, and demanded the remainder to convert or die.   In this manor their ranks swelled and they marched into France through Spain.  They marched into Italy via Sicily.  They marched into North Africa and worked their way south.  They hop scotched over Hindus and Buddhists and killed their way into the Philippines.  They never have done well against a large Army well organized and lead.  This is what defeated them in France, Italy, protected the Hindus and Buddhists and that is what the Crusades were all about. (European Christians trying to help out Constantinople Christians, and keep the Holy lands free.).  Current proof is the two Gulf Wars and the continuous terrorism in the rest of the world. Bookmark “ a daily world body count.

The grave difference is not just terrorism and not just the Koran.   It is that Islam is, like Communism/Socialism, a way of life.   A way of life that demands conformity.  They call it Sharia law, which follows the Koran.  Now maybe you understand why you cannot be tolerant of a Muslim. You cannot turn the other cheek, because they will take advantage.    The radical ones will see to it. The peaceful ones will stand by and stay out of the way.

A Muslim in control gives you just two choices.   Convert or Die.  If you refuse you must fight fire with fire. You must destroy them or convert them.  It is a whole lot easier to do the first than it is to do the latter.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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