(Or:  Government is a taker, not a giver.)

This is a short note to remind you Government cannot do anything efficiently, with economy in mind.  The reason is common sense people stay away from the light green halls of monotony, while liberals find sanctuary and Mom in every one.

Our reminder is Janet Napolitano, head of the California University system.  She is pitching three 5 year plans to raise tuition for our Students.   First, does the concept of a 5 year plan ring any bells?  If not, here is another reminder.   Communism’s way of planning was always tied to 5 year increments.  Just a coincidence?  No!  it is not.  The University Trustees who picked her knew what they were doing.  They wanted a high level fellow traveler and short haired Janet fit the bill.  Remember she was Obama’s choice for Homeland Security.  A lady with no security experience.   A lady who then told the world that Vets posed a terrorist threat.  You know these poor saps come back from fighting to protect our liberties and the first thing they want to do is destroy freedom at home.  Her ability at basic logic and common sense is awful.   She was elected by 46 percent to be Governor of Arizona and went on for another term.  During her two terms she won the prize for the most vetoes per year. More than any other Arizona Governor. The legislature was dominated by Republicans.   Oh yes,  let us not forget her representation of the notorious Anita Hill in the liberals desperate attempt to keep a conservative black man off the Supreme Court.   Of course you recall Hill’s tales of sexual misconduct by against Justice Clarence Thomas.  Janet’s client was not believed and the liberal’s evil attack on a black conservative was defeated.  If you believe Janet acted alone, then you need new glasses.  All during her career this women has hammered her liberal principals into everything she has done.

Now as the head of a huge bureaucracy,  the California University System, she cannot demand economy.  She cannot demand cost cutting.  She cannot demand efficiency.  She cannot put a moratorium on sabbaticals, or new car purchases. She can- not seek  a reduction in Union demands, a shortening of summer vacations, a cutting off of free stuff, from the cafeterias, to paper in the class room.   No she has no ability to do any of that.  Rooster spent 16 years doing a radio show at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  The waste was everywhere.  The disregard of the taxpayers’ burden was a disgrace.

However, Janet Napolitano can demand the Students pay and pay more for their “free” education.   It should make you sick.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2014.

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