(OR: From the left of the left comes som-ting weird.)

President Obama signed his executive order to violate the Constitution and give Amnesty to criminals, (Up’s. Meant Illegals, Illegal immigrants, undocumented workers, unfortunate children, etc.). He used his left hand.   If you follow the Rooster you know he believes Obama’s strange and odd behavior is partly because he is autistic.  Can his left handedness also be a factor?  Clearly Bill Clinton was, so was Harry Truman, Al Gore.   On the Republic side Bush Sr. was and so was John McCain, neither of whom are conservative.  Remember “Read My Lips, no New Taxes” and of course McCain, son of two Admirals (legacy-nepotism) crashed several Navy planes costing the taxpayers close to a billion dollars.  Rooster does not even count the one he was riding when a missile took him out.  The point is each of these dudes was or are kind of strange.  None of them seemed to have any problem not telling the truth or taking personal advantage of a situation.   Oh yes, ole Harry, “The buck stops here.”  was as slippery as a snail.

Well we are not going to be able to say for certain that Barry’s autism or his left handedness cause him to “damn the Constitution and full slither ahead”, but both should be remembered as part of his heat shield.   What can be said, is that Barry (Rhymes with Harry) has a screwed up agenda to do what he wants, when he wants.  Days ago he said he could not act on immigration alone, and today he says he has to because of the GOP.  He does not have to pay attention to the voters, because he says he is paying attention to the 2/3 of voters who did not vote.  What?  Voters who did not vote?  The common sense is totally absent.

The strangest one, however, is Barry O’Bama,(Eelected as the first black Irish President with less that a majority of American Voters), is doing what he wants and not what the majority of America wants.  What does this mean?  Ask the question, why?   Is he following the Devine Wind and crashing his plane for the most damage to an enemy.  Is he totally clueless and on a ramble to no place?  Does he have a death wish?  Does he have a reason and purpose in breaking the law time after time after time?  Is he a terrorist hell bent on causing chaos, declaring martial law, and taking over as Senor Dictator?  What is going on?

Professor Jonathan Holmes Gruber, so called scholar from Mass. Institute of Technology provides a peak behind the curtain.  He allows us to view O’Bama’s wizardry somewhat more clearly.   Gruber more than any other person, spearheaded the Mass.Health care law, called Romniecare and the national health care law called. Obamacare.  He was not a scribe or paper carrier.  He was in the pilot house of these left sided paddle boats.  For whatever reason he has pulled back the curtain and you can see clearly the mind set of Obama and all hard working progressives. In Gruber’s words, Progressives think you are stupid.   Second, they know they are brilliant. Most of all they are absolutely certain they have Celestial power to tell you what to do, when to die, how to marry, and when to abort. Killing the old and the womb bound are necessary events to them.   They know “You did not earn it.” They know it all belongs to your leader and benefactor Government.  In short they are insane to those of you who were born with a God given common sense.    They don’t appear to be real, but they are as they interfere with your life.  They live in a whirlwind of data that is out of control.  It is as if their brain computers have been infected with a terrible virus that effects only their thinking, and not their body. Spam controls.

Gruber has revealed to you the soul of the progressive.  That soul is evil and anti-social and certainly intends to bring down the Constitution and its checks and balances. Progressives are freedom and liberties worst nightmare.  Pay attention and speak up.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2014.

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