(Or:  Who won the election and what does it mean?)

The Republican Party did not create the win.  The Republicans benefited from a dissatisfied electorate. They rejected Obama more than they fell in love with conservatism.  In California, Hawaii, Oregon, Mass. Mich. Ill. and even Minn. where nut-cake Al Franken won reelection with 1,630.230 votes, Republicans did not score well. Why? Because big States with a whole lot of governmental employees and welfare recipients will stay loyal to the spoon that feeds them.  Even if some of those million voters think about an issue, they will hang on to Moms skirt till hell freezes over.  New York was not on the ballot, but New Jersey was, and the Democrat C. Booker, a real light weight, won with 56.1 percent (about a million lost souls cast their vote for him.)  He was the former Mayor of Newark, land of corruption, high murder rates and slums.  Point is, winning 7 Senate seats was good, but not a landslide and not enough.

Not enough you say?  What?  It looks so good!!  Listen up!!  52 votes out of 100 is just enough, if every one of those 52 votes together.  Voting together is a DNA response in Democrats. It is not a characteristic of Republicans.  Expect problems holding the Republican line.

The primary problem is still Obama and his Muslim and Communist sympathies, fueled by his autism.  He will veto anything he does not like.  His concept of reality is weird.  When he vetoes he knows the Republicans alone can do nothing about it.  You need 2/3 vote to override a veto.   Just this fact will inhibit weak Republican leadership.

The larger majority of Republicans now in the House have a weapon that cannot be vetoed.   It is called “not funding”.  For example “Obama Care” will die immediately if the House simply cuts off the money needed to hire and maintain offices and personnel.  It can even be done gradually to lessen the impact.  Neat, but will they?

52 votes in the Senate makes impeachment a weak link.  The House could easily file and process a writ of Impeachment.  They have the votes to do it.  The problem is in the Senate.  Any Impeachment trial must be conducted in the Senate alone.   To convict the Senate needs the super majority of 2/3rds. Fat chance of getting any Democrats to jump ship even if they can swim.  52 Republicans will not do it.  66 might   Again, no matter his crimes, (Faking a Governmental form in his live birth record was one of the first.), the odds of a Democrat helping out are nil.   Good Republican leadership could use the threat of impeachment to stop Obama in future bad deeds however, the present leaders fail the test.   For example let’s assume Obama continues with his threat to give legal status to all the illegals in the Country. Republican leadership could obtain a conference with the President and simply say, we think you should reconsider this illegal grant.  If you go through with it we will go through with Impeachment, adding to it all of your misdeeds.   We will get it through the House, and probably not convict in the senate, but it will take the next two years and absolutely destroy your legacy.  Your call Barry.

In conclusion, the wins are only a hopeful sign. The problem is the Democrats will lie and slander this new majority to a fare-thee-well.  In the past Republicans have shown they do not respond to lies well.  Success depends on Leadership with guts and a strong desire to save the Constitution.  That type of leadership is not on the scene.  Remember our problems are huge.  Republicans may send a balanced budget to Obama, but he will veto it claiming it will cause chaos.  He will play the savior of the minorities and poor, and paint the Republicans as fat cats who do not care.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2014.

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