(OR: Refugee or Invader, which is it?)
While traveling this week Rooster picked up the USA paper and read a by line “Record refugee flights hit all parts of Globe”. Then in another byline, “More Mexicans return home than enter the U.S.” Couple these small finds with the constant blather about human crisis and how we have to accept the runaways as a humanitarian act is just poor thinking. No matter how many times you hear it on TV and the radio, it is wrong.
People fleeing one place for another has been a part of the human experience since we began collecting in places. Sometimes the cause is a natural occurrences and sometimes it is humans. Most will agree that helping the weak and downtrodden, or politically oppressed is a good thing. Taking them in and giving them shelter and food is a poor substitute for a good thing. Forcing them to remain or return with the tools necessary to recover their life is what should be done. Each human has a responsibility to make his or her place a decent one to live. It is not productive to leave the chaos for someone else and desert those who remain behind. Where we are born may not be our choice, but each place needs people who demand peace, and industry. Running never solved the world’s problems. In many ways it is a selfish act. In an earlier article Rooster told you Europe should, return the runaways, with a demand of those places to accept them or else. We have no reason to be involved. It is their problem and force them to solve it. There are many humanitarian ways this can be done. They could change their religion you know.
Understanding a Muslim makes the problem worse. According to the Quran each believer is supposed to help others, so long as they are Muslim. They are not to help any other Religion. According to their book they are supposed to be the only religion on earth, and it is a sin to act like or assimilate into the life of others. Point is each Muslim will not fit, any more than a block will fit into a round hole of its size. A Muslim will always resist a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, or Sun worshiper. Not even the atheist or devil worshiper is exempt. Moreover they will not just resist, they will, like a cancer, attempt to live off their host and by doing so destroy it. Keep in mind Islam is not just a religion. It is a Religament (combination of religion and government). This means they will not obey your law unless they have to for the moment. Even when they appear to go along, they do so as the reluctant lover. Not a nice event. They take advantage of do-gooders. Knowing their incompatibility you should have no problem saying No, No, you cannot come or stay. Tell them they must return to places where their Religament rules. This is the humanitarian thing to do for the people they left behind and for we the non-Muslim folks. In fact all those who chose not to be Muslim, should have a day to fight this Islamic cancer. Everyone should wear pink, even the macho guys. It is not our problem. It is theirs.
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross Flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution. Wc. 545
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