(OR:  Where did these chains come from?)

       Clint Eastwood, at 86, is still working full time, is alert and said the following in an interview just the other day.

“ …everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’,s

the kiss-ass generation were in. Right now, we’re really

in a pussy generation…when I grew up, those things weren’t  called


He is right. Rooster knows what happened between the 50s and now. Then, in general conversation you called an ace and ace.  You were expected to be honest to a fault.  Today you are pounced on as insensitive and a crude  unthinking person or worse a  racist, etc.  Did you ever wonder how we got from honest differences, to insults?

In high school and college Rooster loved to debate, not in the formal arena, but in the political arena.  He took his time to find a liberal who was willing to debate. He would offer to buy a cup of coffee, relax, and go for it.   It was always hard to find the willing liberal.   When he did the conversation was always on the demerits of Socialism and the merits of a Republic.  Rooster had a list of failed socialism experiments.   It was never a debate he could lose because history was on his side.  In those early years the liberal would become frustrated and irritated.  One of the easiest responses was to tell Rooster his evidence never happened. When Rooster would persist, the Liberal would get up and leave.  Maybe once or twice the liberal would want to think about it.  Some resorted to expletives and table thumping.  Not one, Rooster can recall, ever conceded history was right

As time moved on the denial, the short burst of anger etc simply did not work effectively.  The liberal was looking for a new response which would destroy the debate.  He and she found it in the denial, followed by a statement which insulted the debater and deflected the subject matter.  This was effective.   Call the debater a bigot, or a racists etc. and suddenly the Debater and the debate were over.  You see the insult turns a historical debate into a personal slur of character.   The subject has been changed and the liberal does not have to admit they are wrong.  Once the deflect, occurred the main subject could never be brought back.  When Rooster tried, the liberal would simply repeat the insult and leave.

The insult and refusal to debate honestly became the liberal’s main tool.   Oh, do not forget  that the slur was a lie.   The good liberal will easily use the lie, with the belief no one can catch them.  It is difficult for the object of the slur to defend himself. A denial does not go very far.   Times are changing and the electronic data world is exposing the liberal lies.  The DNC tapes is just a tiny part of it. Will it be enough before it is too late?


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