(OR; Can fire be water?)
The wishful thinker, hopes and hopes that Islam will be a peaceful belief system. It is just so much wishy washy, head in the sand, baloney. The fool or the liar tell you it is. First, you must know that Islam has been at war with the rest of the world since its inception. If you do not, you deny history. To believe this, all you have to do is read the Quran. It says so. For a current update go to “The Religion of Peace” on the www. In the Quran you will find the language which says each Muslim must conquer Jews, Christians, and everyone else to make the world one for Islam. In the WWW you will see the list of the dead and dying in Islam’s present phase of the war. The invasion of Europe is just part of it.
Ok, so can Islam change and be more or less peaceful like other religions? The answer is NO. Why, you ask? Glad you did, because Rooster, prompted by his pooka Winston, can tell you. Rooster has read the Quran and studied the entire history of Islam. Winston does not need to, because with his wonderful common sense, he just knows.
The stumbling block, the one wall to end all walls, is that Islam believes the Quran is absolute. It is a compilation of the word of Allah/ God on just about everything in life. It not only sets up believes in the hereafter, it sets up the way one is to live life here on earth. In other words Allah says it and no mere mortal can change it or deny it. The book even sets up routines to make certain there are no changes. If you doubt the book, if you question the book, you are a sinner. In the words written in the Quran, you must be punished. The book tells the believer how to do it. Talk about your micro-managing. Just getting down on your hands and knees and bowing to the ground and Mecca, 5 or so times a day is part of the subjection. The message is that you the believer will do as the book tells you or you die a terrible death and Allah will banish you from heaven. That is what you call not much wiggle room. It was set up this way because someone knew you cannot have just a little corruption. If you allow a tiny little bit human nature will expand it. Same with Islam. Allow anyone to question it and the questions will spread like chicken pox. Islam’s founder thought of this.
There are a few Muslims who try to make Islam truly peaceful. Give them the benefit of the doubt. They will fail. It would be easier for them to become a member of some other religion than to change Islam. Of course it is comforting to think they might be successful, but the struggle they face is blocked by the word of Allah, at every move. Allah through Mohammed was very clever. In our life time no one will ever change the Quran. The only way it might happen is if Allah sends down a new messenger/prophet to erase and delete all the evil language in the Quran. All right let’s all hold our breath until that happens. Just kidding. Come-on breath my friend, I am not Allah. I was kidding.
Whoever created the idea that Islam is peaceful must be selling used cars. Rooster has searched for the answer and it is illusive. The best that can be said is Imams and Mullahs came up with this idea, in defense of accusations Islam is not peaceful. It is better than a Not Guilty Plea. It is like the child, surrounded with a broken cookie jar and crumbs on his mouth, who tells his mom, “I didn’t do it, the Cat did”. There is no way the holy ones can admit to the terror, and chaos their members create in Islam’s name. To do so would implicate them as well. The non- Muslims would then have a good reason to tear down Mosques. Just remember, especially with the current Egyptian plane down, that all the chaos of security at airports around the world was caused by Islam. No one else did it. So the Holy ones wipe the crumbs off their mouths and tell you what you see and know is not true. They will never admit it. The Quran gives them an excuse. What happens is Allah’s command. Their hands are clean. They did not encourage anything, but the faithful following of the Quran.. Do not be fooled.
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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