(Or: Open the doors of the asylums and jails and guess what?)


The most recent shooting in Seattle is just one of hundreds in the last year.  Add to it the crazies of the Muslim faith and you are counting 1000s.  We do not need to spend time on the tragedy of the victims. That is simply an emotional experience.   We need to think.   We must spend time on the Why.

The blame can be clearly laid at the feet of those who tear down the barriers of society.  These are the Progressives, who coddle small minorities rather than concentrating on the majority and their needs.  It is the progressives who demand political correctness, no God in Government, who promote racism as a divide of the people.  It is the progressives who could care less about the Military and our national strength.  It is the progressive who allow Muslims to exist without condemning their actions, and at the same time condemn other Religions.  It is the leader of the progressives, President Obama, who demands that the Fort Hood massacre was not a terrorist attack. It is the progressives who teach a lack of respect in the schools and get away with it.   A good example is the so called Professor Churchill in Colorado. It is the progressive who gives out money and food to the lazy and anti-social, who demand that welfare is good.  It is the progressive who treats terrorist as citizens rather than as war criminals, who are against capital punishment of killers  and in favor of killing innocent babies in the womb.

The Rooster does not want to bore you with all the examples, but you get the idea. When they tear down the mores of society, they open the doors to the wild and weird.  It is just as if they opened the doors to all the asylums and jails and said,” Come on out you poor picked on people.  It is ok to act out your anti- social tendencies.  It is ok to do what you want even if it hurts someone.”  Progressives are common sense deficient CSD and a danger to the security of our homes and communities.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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