(OR: Most guffaws come from a preconceived notion.)
Of many miss-statements by Hillary Clinton, the most disturbing was her statement, “We are going to raise taxes on the Middle Class.” This was at one of her rallies just 3 to 4 days ago. Rooster caught it right after it was made. Despite her expected claim it was a mistook, there are at least two very disturbing things out of this. The first is, she did not catch herself. She went right on as if every word was the gospel truth. This is how it happened. She was talking fairly normal, and then did one of her crowd energizer bunny routines. She raised her voice, and raised her right hand and brought the right hand down with a flourish. Looked like she raised her self- up on her toes to increase height. Of course the statement was made and there was no mistake in the words used. Now we cannot read her mind, so once again she able to change it at a whim. Point is, when a person makes all the fuss, she made, the statement rings true of her thoughts. It may not come out as intended, but it comes out with truth.

Socialist will when able, raise taxes on everyone, including the Middle Class. History tells us Socialist destroy the middle class, as a force against their total control philosophy. She is a socialist of the most severe type, so there you have it. The second but most disturbing was not Hillary, and it was not her statement. It was the crowd. When her effort to motivate the crowd came down, the roar of the crowd absolutely stunned Rooster. Do you realize that not one of the crowd was listening? Well maybe one, but he or she shut up. When you think about the 45 million that are on food stamps alone, you begin to understand. None of those who agree with the give- a-ways, care or want to listen. They just want to know the free stuff keeps coming. To them it sounded like that is what she said. And she did. She is going to tax who so ever to keep the chocolate factory pushing out the freebies. That is all they heard and that is the deeply troubling problem the nation faces. The socialist have done it on purpose to get the non-thinking robots to do their bidding. How do you compete? It takes a well-oiled campaign and Donald has to shut up with the tangents. Once he wins he must quickly move against the socialist set up education system and reduce the welfare to a meaningful number. Remember the Jane Fonda movie, Barbarella? If not look it up. In it the Socialist had all the children turned into very dangerous beings, with evil dolls. They would eat you if they could, and so it is with our country right now.

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