(OR:  Britain is the first house of cards to topple the deck.)

Just as certain as the Sun will rise, the European Union is being torn down.  Its inhabitants will do it.  Each country will seek their own voice again. There are several reasons, not the least of which is history.  Of course a borderless world is the dream of common senseless people.  Secretary of State, Lurch, just told you that the dream of liberalism is a world without borders, or much else, Winston says.   Their blind side is the failure to understand why borders exist in the first place.   Borders were not created by accident.  They were not created by some evil spirit.  They were created by humans, who needed them for protection..  A boarder is simply an extension of the wall of your house.  All designed to protect you and your family from those who want to take from you.  You and yours simply want to sleep at night without guards posted all over the place.   There are plenty of takers..

The demolition has deep roots.  One is the liberal belief in a one world of peaceful people.  It never existed.  This allows liberals to accept wide open immigration.   Islam, a taker, will take advantage.   Another reason is democracy and the lack of it.  

First, let’s look at the democracy issue. Britain’s entire history of law and government is based on Common Law, which those islands created.  A pillar of that belief system is democracy in the Jury system.   The common law has plenty of them.  The Latin countries of Europe inherited the Civil law which has its roots in Roman law imposed when it controlled Europe. Civil law does not have a lot of juries. It uses democracy sparingly.  The Romans liked the trio.  Call it the Troika, or tribunal.  Even the Roman Catholic Church likes the trio (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.).  The concept is the same.  The Roman way was to use three people to take care of a problem.  The entire E.U. is led by three such people who are not elected by the people.  Democracy denied. These three bureaucrats are liberals.  No borders and they believe everyone can just love each other.  The Germanic countries are less influenced by the above and are different yet. The British demand more citizen participation.   These are basic major differences in the legal structures they have tried to wield together.

The second motivation to get the old borders back is this immigration issue.   The liberals, being common sense deficient, simply do not listen to history and cannot and never will understand Islam and its history.  Invasion by immigration is just one of the tools Islam uses to spread itself worldwide.   In Islam there will never be peace until Islam is the worldwide religion.  Until then, it is war, by any means available.  For years Islam has been setting down its roots in Europe.   The present invasion is not an accident.  The leaders of Islam want to conquer the entire European continent as they have always desired. They believe the time is right..  The US is the evil empire, they will tackle later. History is the proof.  Remember Islam did attack and succeeded in Spain, Greece, Sicily, North Africa, The Holy Land, Malta, Pakistan, and Indonesia etc.  They attacked and were defeated in France, Italy, Austria and Hungary. At one time they controlled the entire Mediterranean Sea until they were defeated, by Christians.  Look at the history.   Read it and understand it, and you will see through all this BS about poor folks who just want to have a chance.  They want a chance and that chance is to destroy Europe as we know it and take it under Islam’s control.   

The tear down is starting in Britain.  People are afraid and want to protect themselves.  The financial strain imposed by liberal policies is E.U’s nightmare.  It and the fear of Islam will demolish the dreams of the senseless.   Batten down the hatches and prepare for defense.

One final comment.  The wielding together of the E.U. might have worked, and could still work in the future, if the liberals will stay at Starbucks, and let conservatives do it.   Too many differences, too fast, and too many countries.

PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.  Wc: 711: Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  June 2016

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