Several months ago Rooster told you to “Turn Out the Lights the Election is Over” and it has come to pass.  Now Rooster wants to tell Trump, through you, how the President can repair our Immigration chaos and trade imbalance without causing an emotional upheaval.  It will be as smooth as glass and no real opposition will survive.  Trump has to understand that to tell Mexico or China to go to hell and or be reduced to rubble is not going to work.  The way to do it with peace and comfort in our zone is easy.

Immigration:  Our border control is partly done.  It can quietly be finished in a fortnight, at substantially less cost.  At the same time he should push for a law that grants all illegals in the country the right to stay here and work here for 6 years.  At the end of that time they must return to the country of choice and take with them all the saved money and children they have produced while here.  The skills they have learned are needed in the Country they came from.  We then allow new workers to come in as needed, where needed, under the same rule.  Certainly as the ones under the new rule, leave (And many will leave before their 6 years is up) they are counted and replaced if needed.   We enforce all of the other immigration laws we have and make it a felony to fail to do so. The point is there can be no bureaucratic B.S.  Either obey the law or go to a work camp. At the same time the bad one loses his or her retirement and medical assistance. As a part of this package, Congress must pass a law which says, simply being born here does not give citizenship.  That must be earned.

Trade Reform:   Of course the primary purpose is to open up a road to attract our businesses back from foreign countries.  The second is to motivate U.S. enterprise to spend and develop new business. The third, is to make the products sold here much more reliable.  No longer will it be necessary to buy a warranty package.  The products will be good, and will work, and will last a long time.   Winston, the pooka, reminds us that GE Refrigerators built in 1933 still work if properly maintained.  Blenders built at the same time still work, again if properly taken care of.   There is a reason for that.  The reason is precisely that which will repair the Trade problem.   Standards is the answer.   Just as we have standards in the building industry, and Uniform codes for this and that, we must establish standards for everything that might be imported.  This same standard must apply to our products as well, but the focus is on all imports.   This is not a tax, but an effort to level the playing field.  No longer can China build poor products which it unloads on our market.  Now whatever the product is it must meet standards we set which must be high enough to make the product worthwhile.  It must last for a very long time, if properly cared for.

It is the lowering of our standards that has allowed our markets to be flooded with poor and wasteful products, which chased away business.  We already have such a system in place for cars.   Imported cars must meet our air quality standards.  Their glass must meet our safety demands and on it goes.  There is no reason it cannot exist for everything.   If done, China, Mexico etc.. must compete with our people head on. Our people will win, simply because we can.


PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.  

Wc: 603: Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  May 2016

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