Understand, there is no international, national, or local place where you can register yourself as a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Pagan. In fact in the United States, there can be no such place. There for, we must depend on what a man does rather than what he says. The Rooster read President Obama’s books, which he wrote before his campaign. In them he said (which is very significant) that the most beautiful sound to his ears was the Muslim call to prayer. In a Christian world that is very strange. We already know he was raised during some very formative years in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world. Most are Sunni. He has admitted, sort of, that he is Muslim, and certainly his early speeches in the Middle East and especially in Egypt to the Brother hood, he seemed to say “ I am one of you.” In his book he told us he would support Muslims over others. Rooster, has carefully looked for telltale signs of who is this guy. He is not who he says he is, so we have to depend on his conduct. Here is a list of some of Rooster’s observations of Obamas conduct which should convince any jury that he is a Muslim. This is on top of his own statements.

  1. The first day in the Oval office he had the bust of Winston Churchill removed and sent back to England. Not to the Smithsonian. He did this because in the Muslim world, Mr. Churchill is held responsible for “Catastrophe” the rising of Israel. Muslims know the man most responsible for Jewish immigration into the holy lands was Sir. Winston Churchill. Obama returned the bust to England to say to the Muslim World, “See what I did for you”.He promised to release Muslim prisoners from Gitmo and has done so.
  2. Obama immediately began appointing Muslims into his staff and in places of importance in the Government, where ever and whenever he could. Even Secretary Hillary’s trusted side kick was Muslim. Some estimate he has employed some 50 in very sensitive places in Government. Hope someone is counting.
  3. He has avoided Christian events. He has not avoided Muslim events and has even had Muslim prayers in the White House.
  4. He bowed to the Sunni Saudi King. The importance of this is, Saudi Arabia is the keeper of Sunni trapping’s, Mecca and Medina the two holiest cities in the Middle East.
  5. The tract record in the U.N. has been to have our country vote in support of Muslim issues over Christian.
  6. He has minimized Muslim killings and terrorists attacks in the U.S. as work place violence etc. The Major at Fort Hood who yelled Allah Akbar, was just a sick man. Obama refuses to admit Muslim terrorism in the U.S.
  7. There have been many others, but the most important is very recent. Obama has orchestrated the delivery into the United State of Thousands and Thousands of Muslims, in total avoidance of Immigration laws. He has spent your money to have UPS convert airplanes to transport Muslims in the dark of the night, into chartered buses which take them to funded sanctuaries in Muslim communities.
  8. Finally, he has, where ever and whenever, tried to convince the Nation that Islam is just another Religion. It is not. That is a lie. Islam is a world domination cult, which uses Religion to obtain blind faith. Its Quran declared war on all other beliefs and directs Muslims to fight the non-believers until the only way of life is Muslim. That is why they will not integrate. TODAY, London elected Sadig Khan a Muslim as Major. Such an advent should not be so surprising, since the United States elected one 7.5 years ago.

PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
Wc: 703 Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. 2016

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