(OR: Crazy is as crazy does.)

This is an issue that bugs Winston and makes the Rooster scratch his head.

Today Rooster was driving in the city within which he shops.  He spotted a well-known homeless man with serious leg problems in his dilapidated wheel chair. Not only is it in need of serious repair, but the man uses it as his toilet.  Down the street came an elderly women with her bindles of sleeping rags.  Her hair was the normal twisted mess it always is.  Her appearance is dirty and smelly.   This is not unusual.  A regular day in a liberal run city.   The worst in California, is San Francisco where urine smells just about gags you here there and everywhere.   San Francisco is the most liberal city in the State. You do not have to look very far.   Look into any City that is liberally run and you will find the same terrible problem.  Honolulu always comes to mind.  Waikiki is filled with over 5000 homeless people living in makeshift shanties in the parks and elsewhere. Again the city is hopelessly Liberal.  Try to present a law in a liberal state to cure the problem and the liberals will shout you down.    Think about that.  They will not face the problem or even admit it is a problem.   They would rather let the disabled roll around in their filth without medical attention or a caring hand.  They seem to think there is no problem. True denial.

Recently Rooster was talking to a man about his brother who is homeless.  The man said it was his brother’s decision and that was it.   It is not his decision, but this an example of the denial.   The logic and common sense is lacking.

The problem with bathrooms and trans-gender, gays and women in the military are all part of the same screwed up thinking.   The classic liberal denies reality.  They live in a weird world where freedom to injure yourself and others is just fine.  The murders of aborted babies is just another part.  Their concept of liberty has no room for  social adjustment.

Rooster spent years caring for the homeless by use of the criminal system, where the hapless folks would be cited for some minor offense, and placed in confinement.  There the doctors could treat them, the keepers could see to their bathing, and clean cloths.  They would receive free meals and a place to sleep, albeit confined.  Rooster did this as a prosecutor with the help of judges and the sheriff office.  Liberals stopped this humanitarian relief and have left these disabled to die an early death neglected and avoided.  It is absolutely wrong to think these poor folks chose to hurt themselves.  For a variety of reasons they cannot help it.  Abandoned by family, Autism is a big cause. Drug abuse is another.  Just about any psychological problem you can think of pops up in some of them.  Oh, sure you can carry on a sort of conversation with most of them, but they are disabled.  They are not responsible. They cry out for society’s care and attention.  The liberals will not face the issue.  The problem is not in their comfort zone.

Logic and common sense says, every society owes a duty not to let the helpless fall into serious neglect.  For their sake and for the sake of everyone, they need to be identified, and cared for.  Society must take care of its own.   We are not talking about imprisonment, but we are talking about restricted movement so that the care taker can take care.  Not complicated.

Rooster’s heart goes out to these homeless people because they are mostly disabled and unable to care for themselves.  Tell that to a liberal and you will hear some babble about freedom of choice and space, as if most homeless had a choice.   

Every time you are confronted with one of these pitiful souls, remember a liberal is responsible for their neglect.  Conservatives see their social duty to care.

PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.  

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