(OR: Political mistakes, repeat themselves.)

For those who recall 78 records, there was something special about the sound and clatter  when the needle ran out of recorded space and began to flop  around in the center.  Suddenly you had a strong urge to make it stop.   So it is with historians, such as the Rooster, when he feels the sound and fury, repeated in Politics.  That sound and fury occurs when a society rotates from freedom to socialism, and back again. It is a cabal of whiners, lazy people, do-nothings, and greedy who create a society which takes from others to give to “ more deserving”.  This goes on until the producing victums re- take control once again.  They then restore individual freedom which includes free enterprise, free speech, freedom of worship, dignity to the human spirit etc.  The only controls they impose are those to control the evil ones.  There are a never ending supply of them.   All along the way the producers are attacked by the Cabal.  In time the cabal, like a swarm of bees will begin to win, and the merry-go-round resumes.   In short history has been a battle between the producers and the non producers.  In all of history, only once or twice has a government come along that has lasted a long peaceful time.   Like a merry-go-round there are different rides.  There is one for socialism, one for communisim, one for conservatism, one for destroyers, one for builders and so forth. Too often the change is swift and terrible   In the mix in different ways,  is the misuse of the ability to vote.   It is fine line between having your money taken by the vote of a 45 Cal. Pistol, and the vote of the majority around you.   In the final analysis what you earned is taken from you.   One is considered illegal and the other legal. The result can be the same.   One certain change for the better would be to control the misuse of the vote so that the legal does not have the same impact as the illegal.  That is to say, control the vote so that the voters cannot vote themselves a vacation and free stuff at your expense.

The best form of government is a Republic with limited democracy.   In a Republic the people do not have a direct say.  They cannot directly vote themselves candy.  Their power is filtered through representatives, whom they select by vote. This provides debate, aging of the wine, selection, and time to reflect.   Yet, the candy taking can be regained by voting in legislators who will get the candy for you.  This is happening in the United States today.

A significant  answer would be to root out conflicts of interest in the voting process.  In American, (which is going down the drain because of conflicts of various interest), it could be done and could be done peacefully.  The odds are against the latter, however.  One political observer and teacher after another has stated that Democracy is doomed once the voters discover  they can vote themselves money they do earn.  It is true, also in a Republic.  It happens when the voter votes in the candy taker.   In America even Social Security which the socialist government should have protected has  been given away to those who did not earn it It is a huge Ponsi scheme where the current payers are paying for the users and there is not enough left for the payers when they want to become users. In the non government arena men are sent to prison for this.   Food stamps have been thrown around like cafetti.   All manner of other welfare has been dangled in the face of the freeloader and producer alike.  Any mathematician worth his or her salt knows all the free stuff has a dooms day.   Any elementary teacher will tell you, nothing will be learned if the kids have the power to vote for what is next.   If there is a possibility  a free government to last a long time it must cast out conflicts of interest in voting.

In the Republican type, it would be relatively simple.   For example if you as a voter depend on governmental money for income, you have a clear conflict of interest in voting for those who hand it out.  Such a conflict should prevent your voting for any part of that Government.  For example a federal employee, or one receivning food stamps, or one otherwise being taken care of by the Federal Government, should not be able to  vote for federal officials.  They can vote for State and local governments where they do not have the conflict of interest.  The point is they should not be able to vote for the hand that feeds them.   The payment of taxes does not overcome the conflict, however the lack of paying taxes should be a factor.   If a person does not pay taxes to the Government they are to vote for, they should not be eligible to vote.  Of course it is a conflict of interest.  It is in their best interest to continue not paying their fair share

The elimination of conflicts of interest  would  curtail greed and self enhancement.  Voting for a Senator, a Member of the House, the President etc. would be limited to those who pay for that part of government which is applicable.

Of course this is not the total answer, but it would go along way to slow down the process of legal taking, otherwise known as theft.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.


Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015

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