Let us first look at the questions.  Somewhere in the Fox think tank they got it wrong.   They decided to attack the candidates rather than facilitate the poor souls up on the stage.   The stage was well done, but we could have used more meaningful questions on the burning issues of the day.  The general question of candidates non-support of the eventual Nominee was a set up.  They knew only Trump would raise his hand.  Meagan’s surprise attack on him,  about his views of women was especially wrong.   It was kind of like the question, “When did you stop beating your wife?”  Just wrong, that’s all.

Both events were pretty much the same in results.  No clear winner, but we did observe a bunch of folks who should get out of the way.   In the first debate only Perry stood out as a decent candidate. He was much improved over his poor performance when he last ran for the nomination.  Much has been said of Florina, as having done a fair job. Her answers were ok, but you should never forget that when she was head of Hewett Packard she did a poor job of leading, and was complicit in the general CEO rip off of large companies.  She also lost a major bid at election in California.  Track records are much more important than the words used in a debate.

The main event was handled about as well as can be done in a crowd.  Trump received the most screen time, and Ron Paul the least.  We could have done with a lot less screen time of the moderators.   Jeb Bush showed his true soft side personality.  His achievements in Florida were only fair on the conservative litmus test.   Carson is a good conservative and said the right things, but he to, suffers from a speaking voice that gets lost in a good wind.  Christie lost it on his response to being called for hugging Obama.  Cruz, unfortunately was avoided by the moderators and his questions did not let him shine in the small window they gave him.  Rooster likes Cruz.  His deeds are impressive as he battles the “Good Old Boy” network in the Senate.  He has the guts to go out front and do battle. Huckabee, a seasoned politician and political figure handled himself well, but Rooster is not impressed with his ability to call an ace an ace and demand performance of others.  Kasich’s answers were just what the main stream news folks love.  There was little that pleased the conservative love meter.  Ron Paul was pretty well sidelined, and out of the game.   We really did not get much information from him and the questions given him were weak.   Before the next debate he should comb his hair, and stand a little taller.  Rubio handled himself well.  Was he given a break, because of his Cuban history? Maybe.   Again however, his personality is not top-gun caliber.  Trump was Trump, the super salesman, with a big voice and larger than life handshake. The jury is still out on his conservative core beliefs.   There is a sinister campaign, being put out by the left, that he is a secret agent for the Clintons.   This could hurt him. If he does not get on it right now it will gather steam from the conspiracy types. Certainly he has some of the Reagan attributes, a voice you can hear and courage.  His donations to Democrat candidates will not sit well with the main line conservatives. It is way too early to judge him a winner.   Scott Walker did fine and his track record of standing up to the establishment and entrenched unions in Wisconsin is admirable.   Rooster just wishes he would find a capable speech coach, to help him raise his voice, open his eyes and sound like the combatant his record portrays.

Clearly this debate did not produce a dominate personality with strong conservative credentials.  The handlers and seconds have a lot of work before the next round.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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