Well! Well! Well! Finally someone had the guts to call an Ace an Ace.  Yes it was junior Senator Cruz calling the high and mighty Senate Leader, McDonald a liar.   It kind of makes one think of the Bridge term where one suit trumps another, or one might think of a trump-et. Get it?  Yes, maybe what you hear is really the Trump-effect.   Trump’s entry into the race for President, if nothing else, has embolden candidates to speak up and not be shy.  Even Christy was heard pounding sand (hard to hear sand pounded) on the Hannity show.  Candidate Huckabee accused Obama of leading the entire Jewish nation to the doors of the Ovens at some new holocaust.  Both Huckabee and Christy were ranting on Obama and the no-deal Iranian fiasco, but let us consider what Mr. Cruz did.  It was special.

For a sitting GOP Senator to call the Majority Leader, a liar, on the floor of the Senate was akin to a 7. Earth shaker.  The Statues in the halls of the great building should have fallen flat out, on to the marble floors.  The reconstruction scaffolds around the Rotunda should have shaken to the ground.  Cracks in the structure should have opened letting out the hot air.   Really?  He did that?  Almost blew Rooster off his perch high atop the Hen House.  What guts.  What absolute patriotic guts.

Those who pay attention to such things have known, for a very long time, that the Senate and to a lesser degree the House, have built protective barricades around themselves.  Certainly one of them is the unwritten rule that you shall not speak badly of another member and especially the leaders.   More than that it has become a rule that if you dare to stand up in the boat, you will capsize….. not the boat.   These protective unwritten rules of no- conduct, are worse in the Democrat party.   How many years did we put up with the lying and deceit of “good- ol- boy” Harry Reed and his frosty glasses?   If ever there was an evil man in high places, Harry, the Democrat Majority leader was it.   Any Democrat underling who pushed him the wrong way, had lunch in a homeless shelter.  Of course the common senseless types, love dictatorships, whether in the Senate or as the top dog in a kennel. Look at their voting for and re-voting for Pelosi in the house.  As Peggy Lee used to sing, “Is that all there is?”

Senator McDonald is a weak leader and should not have been elected to the position except for the unwritten rules of top kid on the mountain.  You know the rule.  If you are there long enough and do as you’re told you get promoted.   Physically he does not look good.  He speaks almost as bad as Obama.  The worst is his morality.  Like so many weak men before him, he has fallen for the belief that as a leader,  it is no sin to lie. Like so many common senseless folks, “The End Justifies the Means.”  Certainly it is a mantra of the Democrat party and, over the years, has been adopted by many in GOP leadership.

It is time for our legislatures to become places of debate.   Unlike Japan and other places it is not necessary to have road rage in the aisles.  We can be like Great Britain, where debate does not mean combat.  The English have done it for years.   They even put the opposing parties opposite each other, so they can see each other’s expressions of disapproval, head waging, and finger gestures more easily.

Many years ago Rooster, as a young attorney, was admonished by a Judge not to call a witness a liar.  Language police were exposing themselves even then.  Somehow it was ok to say something like, “The witness must be forgetful, or the Witness did not get it correct, or the overwhelming evidence contradicts the Witness.   None of the substitutes were as effective because they leave doubt.  When you call someone a liar, and your opinion is worth something, no one can have doubt about what you mean.

The point is truth and telling it like it is, should be preferred to lying, deception and silent punishment.  It is better to err in the search for truth, than not to search at all.     Hurray for Mr. Cruz.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015

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