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Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer, politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.    His web page, is www.theroostercrows.net  








(Or: Population explosions hurt.)




        Conservatives 6, Socialist 7, game over.  The times is a changing and not for the better.  As we enter the era of governmental  theft and abuse,  we will also feel  the natural reaction of the citizens to protect themselves.  It is becoming,  us verses them. It is very sad to see a country of laws deteriorate into one of  executive order and mandate, but that is what Socialism is,  and that is where we are.


            Every thinking Conservative has tried to come up with an answer as to what happened to the God Fearing, Law Abiding, Patriotic Bunch.  Why did they lose? 


            The Rooster has the answer.   First, remember the Bush years.   That’s when we, the thinkers, began to understand why we were losing the  argument.   What was the argument? ….Constitution and law, over Government planning and instruction.   (socialism/communism.) The difference for you is whether or not you are a participating citizen, or merely a subject.   What is the root cause, to explain why  logic and common sense  lost  to  a afoolish majority? 


            The root is, what the founders could not have seen and did not foresee.  The answer is found in population excess.  Let’s analysis this a bit.  In  1776  and before ,  until the first part of the 1900s, the American population was small but growing.   In 1776 the population was about 2.400,000,   98 percent of which came from British Isles and Northern Europe.          In 1940 we had added 130,000,000 million.   By 2010 we had added 306,000,000 million, and they came from all over the globe.  Yes  many of the new people  came from different cultures, but they came for  freedom and opportunities, the founders had set up.  No other place in the world attracted such a mass of people.  The first generation of immigrants generally hold fast to those freedoms and opportunities, but their children and their children drift away.   Why?


            It is a dumbing down effect which in turn is caused by increased population .  A good example is to view a  mob in action.  Take a Soccer game that goes ballistic, or wild demonstration  for free stuff, or suffering a disaster like in Katrina.  The mob mentality does not function with intelligence, common sense, and deliberation.   Emotion rules the day.  The same thing is happening with our huge population.   Especially this is true in the large metropolitan places where people are crowded together, and thinking is low on the list of fun things to do.   We know that crowed animals will eat each other.  We are animals too.   Back in 1776 most of the brain dead never made it across the pond.   They stayed home.  The people who came were mostly thinkers and risk takers. As time went on  dimmer wits were born here  and  stayed, and their kind found it easier to get across the pond for the goodies..  The Rooster is not alone in this thought.   At Stanford University researchers recently said the following;


                        Human intelligence (let the Rooster add that they really


                        should have said common sense.) started to decline when


                         civilization made life easier and allowed dimmer individuals


                        to survive and pass on their genes.


            Gerald Crabtree of that group told “The Independent (U.K.) that human beings reached their intellectual peak 2 to 6 thousand years ago, when life was so harsh that individualistic bad judgment (common sense sic.) generally led to death.


            The Rooster agrees and adds that in the early populating of the Americas, we had the same thing going on.   The dimmer ones and their offspring did not come on the leaky sail boats of the day.  Oh there were some exceptions where Europe wanted to get rid of Criminals and the British cleared out the Scots, but those were mostly take charge types, not dependents.  The result was that thinkers  (those with good IQ and common sense) dominated the Constitutional Convention.


            Still the Founders could not have foreseen what we are discussing.   Had they, they would have taken steps to see to it that voters would,  like  drivers  of cars,  prove they can think and have enough common sense to come in out of the rain.     A certified voter should be able to tell you ,  the founders founded a Republic, (Not a democracy);  that the Constitution has three main parts, and describe what they are and do;  that equality has to be earned  and etc, then they can vote.  If they can not be a thinking citizen, (like people under 18,  felons, or the insane) they can not vote.  The founders did not see the problem and therefore did not build  a check and balance, to keep Government protected from the dim ones.   In fact they left the question of voting to the States, most of which restricted voting.   Since then voting restrictions have drifted away and voting given to , (How can I say it?) the unappreciative.  In the last election those non thinkers, those pathetic selfish, self interested dimwits demonstrated they outnumber the thinkers. 


            Gentle-folks start your Engines.  This is going to be a long ride.




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November 8, 2012


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