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Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer, politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.    His web page, is  




(Or: The Ostrich syndrome.)


            The Rooster is not addressing a Cleft or a Cliff, but a Clift.   This is the place or situation that even the Mad Hatter could rage about.  It is not fiction.    It is reality. It is the financial abyss  Amer—ika’s poor people look down upon. Trillions of dollars owed and trillions we  watch spill over.   Thinkers can not even imagine that much money.   What is so sad and  funny, at the same time, is that the identical people who created it are now dumbfounded about what to do about it.  Their head is in the sand while their most intelligent part is not.  They wring their hands and pontificate up and down their isles.   They talk about the Clift as if it was an animal we had to cage, or a spell being cast.   [All except Obama, of course.  His hopes are much more sinister.]  Thinkers remember Macbeth, but even they may have trouble remembering the weird Sisters—the three Witches—who stirred the witches brew in the dark cave and recited the following.


                        First Witch:           Thrice the brinded cat, hath mew’d

                        Second Witch:       Thrice and once, the hedge-pig, whin’d.

                        Third Witch            Harpier (part women and part Bird.)

                                                            cries:—Tis time!! Tis time!!


                        Then, the three  say in unison,

                        “Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and caldron bubble” and the spell is cast.


            Yes,  maybe this is a spell that has been cast on these characters who are so fat and sassy about running our ship  of state……….onto a stormy reef.

            Idiots!! Do you not hear the siren sounds?   Can you not see in your own mirror?  What is malfunctioning in your heads that you can not see the consequences of your inaction?  Obviously their sense is not common.  In fact their sense is warped and more dangerous than that of a mass killer.  All agree a mass killer must be mentally unstable.  Why can’t we agree that politicians who refuse to address the Clift are equally unstable.    A mass killers destruction  is measured in small numbers.   The Idiots destruction measures in  millions of hapless souls.   Which is the real MASS?

            The solution is math…..Simple math.   2 plus 2 must equal 4.  Get it?   We can not spend what we do not have without stealing it from someone.   Stop the theft and destruction.  Use your grammar school math,  clowns.   Make it balance, now.  Not 10 years from now.  Now.

            Your friendly Warlock, the Rooster.

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November 8, 2012

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