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Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer, politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.    His web page, is “The Rooster “ 

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                SOCIALISM—A DIFFERENT TAKE

(Or:  Taking by Law replaces the gun.)

            America, is now a Socialist Country. The Stars and Strips no longer represents a Country of States United together for their mutual benefit.  It now represents a suppressive Government which will steal as much as it thinks it can.   At this moment,  most productive subjects (formally called loyal hardworking Citizens.)   are now making preperations to protect their assets and income.  Protect from  what you ask?   From stealing of course, of course, of course.  If we had a way to calculate how much money, assets etc are now leaving  USA for places where the Governments will be friendly, or at least not steal as much, or an official can be bought off, it would stagger your reality.  History tells us it has happened to every country that becomes socialistic.  America is no different.   The subjects who are trapped here will do the best they can…… by not playing by the rules.  The non producers, stupidly wring their hands in anticipation, of the good times.  Their failed or immature, common sense can not warn them, that what they are doing will destroy the good.   The producers, will not produce.  They will not be subjects or slaves.   Lenin, lately of Communist fame,  clearly stated and believed  that for Communism/Socialism to succeed it needed world domination so money and people had no place to flee.   His weak to non existent common sense, did not warn him that even if Communism controlled the world,  it would go  broke, because the producers will not toil in communist fields and factories.  Oh yes they will cooperate to an extent, but only for subsistence.   A few will join the bureaucracy and enjoy the corruption.  Today, in California, a large number of businesses leave for other States,  not so socialistic.  In California  small contractors have no work, and larger contractors survive off of government projects only.  As socialism gains strength in numbers, it loses value and wealth by the billions.   Say it over and over again until you believe it.    “Producers will not become slaves of  non producers”  The more welfare a Government provides, the less income it has to give.   Catch 22.  (Please obtain this 1961 book by Joseph Heller. In it he clearly demonstrates how producers will survive bureaucracy, one way or another, none of which are good for the future of the bureaucracy.)

            The root problem with socialism is that it is, (everyone agrees, socialism  taxes the wealthy to give to the poor.)  a thief.   Simply said it is,   “stealing from those  who have money, to give to those who do not”.   It takes by creating a law to do so and is little different from stealing by false pretenses, or embezzlement?  In either there is no force or immediate fear.   In either the person who has the value does not want to give it up.  The false pretender and the Embezzler always feel they were entitled.  What is the difference?  Are those,  who make  a law to take some ones property,  immune from the concept that they are thieves?   Logic says no.  Our Revolution is living proof.   You must understand, that it is not  taking which makes the crime.   It is the lack of consent.   America has millions who do not consent.

             One of the cornerstones of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights was its demand that Government  not take ones property, without  fair compensation, or at all.  Let the Rooster show you, amendment by amendment.

            1- The people clearly told the government it could not take their guns.  Guns     is property you know.      (2ND Amendment),

            2- They said Government could not take their land for the military in peace       or war,  without compensation.  (Third Amendment);

            3-  The people demanded,  they  be secure in their houses, papers, and       effects (Property to you at college.) against unreasonable seizures.  (Translation of “unreasonable:   Without compensation or a warrant from a   Judge.) Fourth amendment;   

            4- The Bill of Rights  goes on to say that no citizen can  be deprived of life,             liberty, or P R O P E R T Y, with out just compensation.  (Last time the       Rooster checked,  money was property.) Fifth Amendment;

            5-  The founders even considered Fines and Bails,  as something the             government could abuse.  They  said  the government could not steal from us   by  establishing excessive fines or bails.  Eighth Amendment.

            These Amendments (Bill of Rights) were necessary  before the citizens would agree to create the Federal Government. Their fear was great and accurate.     Read all the grievances stated in the Declaration of Independence.  Same stuff simply said differently.  The point is King George  (The British Federal Government.) was, in the eyes of the Colonists, stealing from them by taxation.  They wanted no more of that. 

            Even before the Bill of Rights, the drafters of the Constitution were not asleep to the danger.    They did not even grant the power of individual taxation to the Government.  It was reserved to the States.   They did give it power to tax imports and such, but not incomes and not people.  Contrary to what Chief Justice Roberts said, on the Health Care law, there is no general power of taxation given to the  Federal Government.  If the Rooster is wrong, then please explain the 16th amendment (1913) which, for the first time, granted to the Federal Government the power to tax incomes.   Of course no such power existed before.  Never has there been a grant to the Federal Government to tax individuals, except in the minds of the have not’s and their handlers.   Maybe this abuse will cause the next revolution .  It caused the first.   As a Nation, we have been there and done that, and history does repeat itself, because there are too many stupid people.

            As added proof, out of the past come the thundering hoof beats of the great “Declaration of Independence”.   It said the people were going to Revolt,  “For (King George’s) imposing taxes on us without our consent.”  The people have never consented to individual taxation, by the Federal Government.

            In Summation, the logic can not be challenged.   Property is owned by Govenments, and individuals (Alone or in groups, like Corporations) . Taking property of non consenting individuals, to give to others is stealing.   There is no power in the Constitution to do this, just as there is no power in an employee to embezzle you money.   Even saying we have given the Government the power to tax incomes, no where did we grant the power to take it and redistribute it.  In short, it is all about consent.  If the Government takes from the non consenting public then the productive population will take from it.  The Rooster does not consent.          Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to the above article.    Dated:  November 10, 2012




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