(You say What???–Executive Privilege)


           We all need to understand what is happening to our Republic.   It is shaking,  and  trembling, and  is close to serious damage.  You need to be up to speed.

          Today, the President, declared he would not release any of the Department of Justice’s papers on Fast and Furious.   Congress has been informed that  Holder (Atty.Gen) lied to Congress, by telling them , in writing,  that his department knew nothing about Fast and Furious.  Congress subpoenaed the Department’s documents, on the issue,   to  investigate the lie.  Obama claimed “Executive Privilege” hours ago.   Kind of like saying , “You can not see in my empty box anyway”.

          We need to understand Fast and Furious and Executive Privilege.

          Fast and Furious is the code word given, by the Department, to a plan to buy, under cover, automatic(and other guns)  from American dealers and sell them, or give them to Mexican criminal gangs.  This was done.  The plan’s stated reason was to trace the traffic of guns.  We, with law enforcement experience, know that is not true, not necessary, and dangerous.  In fact the Department’s smuggled  guns killed one of ours and others.  More over an informer told Congress (pretty obvious), the plan was designed to give gun owners a bad name, and to whip up public sentiment to ban gun ownership across the Country. (A one-world goal.)  The same leaks that gave Congress this information are the same type of leaks that would make buying  guns, to trace traffic of guns,  totally unnecessary.  For all kinds of reasons people  talk.  This is especially true where gangs are running amok.  Ok, now,  Holder and Obama will not let the Public know the truth.   They refuse to give the documents which leads us to Executive Privilege.   What is it?

          Executive privilege is where a President refuses to answer a subpoena from Congress or an order from a Court to produce evidence. The President states,  it would damage national security, or adversely damage the ability of the office to carry out its Constitutional duties, i.e. expose secrets etc.    In this case Obama told Congress he will not release any Department of Justice’s documents on Fast and Furious.  His stated reasons are all those  ever used in the past.  Some might be so bold as to call it a white wash of a cover up.

          Now Executive Privilege is not a written law,  It is not in the Constitution and was not discussed by the founders.   At the beginning of World War ll, Presidents did not know they had this “privilege”.  FDR began to use it to stop Congress from questioning his authority.   He simply declared he could not produce information,  because it would damage our war effort.  Not very transparent, but then FDR was not that.    The next President was Truman and he more clearly defined the refusal.  He prevented information from going to Congress’s investigation of the Hiss- Chambers case of 1948  (Communist influence investigation).   It was a blanket order and the subject documents were moved to the White House  He blocked Congress and won the day. Then came Eisenhower and the McCarty communist investigations.   Eisenhower is supposed to have declared the privilege to block documents and records of communications, some 44 times.  He negotiated solutions.   This occurred from 1955 through 60.   Still no law and no court definition.

                    In 1974 the Supreme Court heard the first case of Executive Privilege in,  United States vs. Nixon.   The special Prosecutor, Archibald Cox subpoenaed Nixon tapes, and Nixon said no, in general terms.  Nixon should have been repetitious and inclusive like Obama.   You know the routine, say everything and maybe something will be believed, throw everything up in the air and something will stick, and  run it up the flag pole,  someone will salute it.  See!!   The Supreme Court “found” out of  thin air,  that a President did have a limited privilege to fight off investigations.  Once the Privilege is exercised then it can be tested by the Supreme Court,  if Congress wants to take it there.   What the Court really did was invent the power to exercise a privilege,  and inserted itself into the mix, as the final decider.   All very convenient.  

          So where are we?  Most commentators believe,  Obama has indirectly  admitted, by imposing the  privilege,  that the Department of Justice, did a very unjust thing and lied about it.  He has stopped Congress from  seeing the documents, but not from the facts.  The guns were bought by Government undercover types and transported to Mexican gangs.  All that is established by other means.  Remember people talk.   The reality is that, Obama has prevented this issue from effecting his campaign.   There is not enough time to kick in the door; however, something serous is amiss.  The Republic is shaking and trembling.  In the few months before the election a smoking issue will burst into fast and furious flame.  Stay aware and be ready.  Protecting your Republic is protecting every minute of your life.  Hang on.Word County 834


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