(OR: Don’t blame the sky for the rain.)
Over and over again we hear the Dull Heads blame Radical Islam as something separate from Islam.
The problem is Islam itself. It is not just a religion so get over it. Call it for what it is. It is a political doomsday cult. It was created by a man. His name was Mohammed. If you believe in fairytales then the belief system was dictated to Mohammed (who could not write) by an Angel, who in turn took it from the dictation of God. Of course the man changed God to Allah. The cult will not assimilate and is not tolerant, and worse, oppressive to its own people. Its cult rituals are designed to generate and maintain blind faith. It is a doomsday cult because it predicts an end to the world as we know it. For example Shias believe in the coming of Muhammad of Hason of Mahdi the 12th Imam who will create heaven on earth out of chaos. Call it for what it is, and not what you hope it will be.
The WSJ had a headline the other day that read, “TERROR BATTLEFIELD SPREADS”. It was talking about Islamic killings in Indonesia. Only those who fail to understand reality would accept this as a new threat which is spreading. Ask the folks at Bali who got blown to bits in 2002. Bali is in Indonesia. 206 folks were killed and 209 were injured. Of the 206, 88 were Australian, 38 were Indonesian and the other 90 were from other places. Ask the Philippine police and military who have for years been trying to control their out of control Islam. Islam has been trying to kill as many non-Muslims in that part of the world since long before World War 2. It is not a matter of spread. It is a matter of focus. Today with the success in the middle East, those who read the Koran, as the word of Allah, are demanding more radical action on the part of the Mullahs. In other words they want the nasty parts of the Koran preached. We all understand that most people, Muslim or not, want to live in peace. The Muslim, however, must believe that the ultimate Peace will only occur when everyone is Muslim or a slave of Islam. An individual Muslim must believe that, because the Koran is the word of God. There can be no question, no deviation, no other answer. The word of Allah is to kill non- believers. If an individual Muslim does not, then they do so because it is convenient not to or they are a coward who avoids their word of God. Being a coward is itself a reason to be killed. Blind faith to Allah means you are blocked no matter which way you go. It is not just the Islamic State. It is every one of them if given a chance. If you are bound to turn the other cheek, then turn it to say hello to Alice, the Mad Hatter and the rest of them in wonderland.
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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