(OR: Understand the Constitution or weep.)
In Rooster’s last article, in its last paragraph, he mentioned this issue. Since too many readers never get to the last part, he wants to bring the matter up front and center.
Islam, as presently constituted, violates the first words of the first amendment. No one is talking about this. Let’s do.. Please agree that the first words of the first amendment had to be and should be pretty darned important They are and were;
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”
This says that the signers of the constitution did not want their government and religion to get into the same bed, ie. have power over the people jointly. The signers were of many religions. If not them, then their immediate family probably had left the old world because of government’s demanding they follow just one, the authorized, religion. It was called religions persecution. This means they did not want that result. They did not want Government and Religion combining to tell them how to worship. The word” Congress” is synonymous with Government, which also tells you which branch the founders thought was the big kahuna. A way to test a hypothesis is to reverse it. If it works the same both ways, it is logical. Let’s try it. “Religion shall make no law respecting the establishment of Government.” Yep it works. You see it is the result, not the way it is said. They might have said Government and Religion must be separate, and in fact Courts have held that is what it also means. It is called Separation of Church and State.
Islam, as we know it, demands that it be both religion and government. This is why their members resist assimilation into any other governmental form. This is why the faith-full will wear only their head dress and outer garments. If they appear to assimilate it is only to gain a foothold. . Their Constitution is the Quran. Even a Closet Muslim may swear to follow the Constitution, but he will not if the Quran says differently. Ask Obama. This is why they will take most of their grievances to the Mosque and not to the Courts of a government. This is why, if they get power, Islam will violate this amendment without question. You either will convert or you will be a slave or die. Such a choice is their idea of freedom.
Until Islam, declares a separation of its religion from Government, it is in violation of this amendment and should receive no assistance or allowance from our Government. In other words it is an enemy of freedom to worship and live as you wish. Just as we should resist an invading Muslim army landing on our shores, we should resist an invasion of Muslim refugees landing on our shores. Their intent is the same in both scenarios. They have to take possession and control. It’s in their book.
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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