(OR: A True Leader Never Gives Up.)
Leaving the field of battle, during the struggle, is never done by a true leader. Those who have faults will. Should Boehner be judged by the same standard? Yes. The last election sent a strong message that the President’s agenda must be stopped and waylaid when and where ever possible. There is no question that was the mood of the majority of GOP voters.
Boehner was the top gun of the House Majority and should have taken the lead. He should have obeyed the voters, not his pre-set concepts of what should or should not happen. Not all GOP members would agree, but that is normal, not abnormal. A real leader would have taken the reigns in his mouth, whipped his horse, and raced to the battle. He did not and he became an anchor rather than the power of the GOP engine.
Any Member that has his hair carefully combed and kept in position with hair spray is suspect. Not that it is a stopper, but it does leave one wondering what kind of man could take the time to do that. There is a saying that a sober man unfortunately knows that when he wakes up that is as good as he is going to feel all day. A man who smokes and drinks too much hopes he will feel better as the day progresses. A leader does not have time to wait. Just looking into Boehner’s face one can see the stress and drag that bad habits have left for him. This means every day has been a struggle. This means he has had little time for clear, crisp thoughts resulting in strong thoughts and great persuasion. This means he failed and was failing, which is the main reason he had to leave. As other men in his position have done he will point fingers and find fault with others, but a clear mirror will tell him the tale.
No longer could he hide behind protocol, and house courtesy. He was exposed. He will not be able to admit his failure any more than he can admit his inability to control his smoking and drinking. He lives with shadows that cripple him. He is done.
What happens now depends on the strength of the true conservatives. They are numerous, but do not have a majority; yet, many times in history a small force can beat the larger if they stand firm, act decisively, with compassion and clear logic. Those who fought our war of independence did just that.
Our Country is at the edge of a deep crevasse of socialism. Our way of life is being drowned in refugees and invaders. The edge we stand upon is crumbling and soon we will lose our way, unless the strong pull us back to safety. We the little guys can only ask them to stand up and let them know we have their backs. That is our job.

PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. 2015

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