(OR:  Will they never learn?  Yes, they never will.)

Poles apart these two places are great examples of Common Sense Disabilities running amuck.  These people live and lie in a unrealistic world.

The social liberal activists in Los Angeles City have convinced their brothers and sisters on the City Council, to pass a law mandating a minimum wage of $15.00.  All the surrounding Cities and the County are at $10.00.   As a part of their argument for the law they have assured the world that it will work, all will be good and everyone will be happy.  Common sense knows it is not so.  These wild and crazy people are so impaired that it is hard to say they lie.  Maybe it is better to simply say they are bone dumb.  The result is the same.

What is true is that business will flee, or contract out of the city (same thing) and Investors will opt for greener pastures.  People will draw out their money from the banks and move it to safer ground. In general Los Angeles will have less to tax and therefore have less to spend, and the spiral down will march on.

ACROSS THE POND the very same has been occurring in Greece.   There it is a whole country, but like Los Angeles is surrounded by other Governments in the European Union.   Before the last election semi responsible people were cutting back on liberal spending programs that had become Greece. They did this so that they would have enough money to pay the debt all the liberal spending programs had caused.   In the next election the social liberal activists ran on a campaign to stop the austerity and return all the free things.  They too lied or are bone dumb.  Same thing.   A majority of the voters bought it and the SLA (social liberal activists. Sic.) took over the government and began spending what they did not have.   This meant that they could not accumulate enough money to pay off those loans which the former Liberal idiots had incurred to give “ free” stuff.  The negotiations between the EU lenders and Greece have stumbled and failed. The primary reason is that the EU folks know the liberals in charge of Greece cannot have it both ways.  They cannot give away free stuff and have enough money to pay the debt.  As a result, with these idiots in charge, businesses have been fleeing, investment has dried up, savings have been taken out of the country and now the banks do not have enough money to pay depositors who want to flee with what money they have.   So yesterday the Wall Street Newspaper had this byline, “Greek Banks get Breathing Room” Think of it as that breathing room in the ferry that rolled over in China.  The European Central Bank has announced it will lend more money to the Banks so they can pay the fleeing depositors so that, so that, so that—The thought is hard to dwell on without crying.

Two peas in the same pod, miles and cultures apart.  A classic liberal fault line which will lead to one big destructive shake down, here and there.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015

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