(OR; Baltimore my dear, so much better than beer)

The above title is Irish for the “Town of the Big House” which in time became Baltimore, after Lord Baltimore of the Irish House of Lords.  Had something to do with the founding of Maryland, which is a whole different tale.

Today Baltimore is a powder keg of racial stress.  This city with 63 percent Black population is not alone in our Country.  The same bad mix exists in all big cities.  Baltimore is number 26, so that means there are at least 25 more on the edge.  What is the edge?   The problem is welfare Ghettos.

The Welfare Handlers, Pro-aggressive CSD people, have caused the bad mix. In general these are non-blacks with a huge guilty complex about slavery, and a total lack of understanding about human beings.   In the places, generally big cities, where welfare becomes a way of life, the seeds of dissatisfaction and the feeling of slavery pervades the human spirit.  The progressives have no plan, to keep the people quite, except to give them gifts.   It is kind of like when the Europeans first came to America and bought peace and quiet with beads and shiny things.  What these pro-aggressive people do not understand is that giving a human being food stamps, money to spend on cruises, and rent, and utilities and enough cash to buy a car, does not empower them.  It makes them feel entitled for more and more with a very large slice of hate because of a sense of being turned into a slave.  Just like the plantation they are dependent on the Master for their everyday life. .  They lose their self- respect. They feel trapped in a cage with others who have become slaves.  They explode if given the chance.   It is particular difficult for the young.  They look ahead and see the same Ghetto as keeping them sucking of the benefits for the rest of their lives.   Very depressing.

The only way to bring lasting peace in these welfare Ghettos is to smash the infrastructure of their existence.  This means shutting down the gifts, to only the truly needy because of disability, old age etc.  This will force the young to leave and go beyond the handout, because they will have to.   It means the Women will demand the fathers stick around and go to work.  They themselves will be motivate to work if necessary to pay the rent and put food on the table.   Doing so will cause a minority to cry and wail, but it will have to be done, or this welfare cancer will eat and destroy peace and order.

As in most cases of world history, this revolution of sanity general only happens after chaos lays waste.  In this case it is the Ghettos themselves. .  The destruction will be by the very hands that have accepted the gifts and lost their way.   They too want to smash the damn thing.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015

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