(Or: A Crusade vs. a Muslim World War.)

President Obama has thrown down the Crusade gauntlet, blaming Christianity of terrible things against Islam.  He can’t even say that cutting off the heads of some 20 Christians this week end was Islamic Terrorism.  He is in denial.   Why?  Obama is a  typical autistic Con-man .   Just as he hides his smoking, he hides from any reality which hurts him.  He loves Islam and cannot say things which will besmirch his ideal of it.  His protection of this ideal is typical autism*.  He will not admit history of the Islam war against all religions.  He is really hurting us.   It is time to briefly review recorded history on the subject of this war and the Crusades.

When one looks at the long history of Islam one cannot reach any other conclusion,  than it is and has been at war (Jihad) with the non-Muslim world. Not yesterday, or today, but since its existence.  Islam has never stopped Jihad.  It has been continuous.  It has had its flare-ups and its quite times, but even during the quite times horrible things happen.   It is not just Christians Islam will not tolerate.  It is Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, rock worshipers, and even the group in Iceland, once again worshiping Thor.                                                                                                                                   The “Crusades” (When Christians from Europe went to the Middle East and fought Muslim armies.) first occurred pursuant to a request by Roman Catholic Pope Urban in 1095.  Why did he do this?                                                                                                           First, keep in mind the last Roman Emperor was Romulus whose rule came to an end in 476. A former Roman Emperor, Constantine (324) had started the eastern Catholic world by accepting Christianity and building Constantinople (Istanbul) in present Turkey. This became known as the Byzantine Empire following Rome’s collapse.  It was a last ditch effort to save the failed Roman Empire., but it must always be remembered it was a vestige and shadow of Rome’s strength and influence.  Through it all, the Roman Catholic Church continued headquartered in Italy, and Christianity struggled on.                                                                                                                                           In 629 (153 years after Rome’s failure) Mohamed assembled a large army of 10,000 followers and hanger-on’s to attack Mecca. The defeated either became Muslim or suffered death/ slavery.  Mohamed died just three years later.  His followers seeing a good thing, took over upon his death.   They called themselves Caliphates.  (Somewhat like the Pope is to Catholics.)                                                                                                The Caliphates expanded the Muslim faith into the East, especially Indonesia, and into the west.  In just 79 years they expanded across northern Africa (took Tunisia in 647) and invaded Spain, in 711.  Islam remained in Spain until 1492, when it was finally pushed out.  Does that year sound familiar?  Yes, Christopher Columbus got the new Spanish Monarchy to fund his trip around the world in 80 days or so.   Now you know why the Spanish King was strapped to finance his cruise, even though the Kingdom needed new investments.  The Spanish had been ejecting Muslims for a long time at great costs.                                                                                                                                                                                     In 827 Muslims invaded Sicily and moved into Italy’s mainland, and were finally driven out in 1300.  This invasion was 116 years after the invasion of Spain.  By 1095 the Muslims controlled the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, et cet.  About this time Christians and Jews who went to the Holy land were summarily removed by Muslims. Terrible atrocity and horror stories were brought back to Europe. The Muslims were fanatical in keeping others out.  Even then they cut off heads, other body parts, stoned folks to death etc.  All was done to scare other religions away.  In response the Crusaders made war in like kind. At the same time,  the Byzantine Empire was suffering all manner of attacks by Muslims.  The head of it, asked the Roman Catholic Pope for help.  That Pope,” Urban the ll”, declared in 1095, a crusade of Christians to go to the Holy land and free it for worship.  Another reason was to take the heat off the Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Empire.  Another reason was the Pope’s painful awareness of the Muslim invasions of Spain and Italy.  His declaration was the first Crusade. The last, the 9th, ended in 1272.   When that happened the Muslims then closed the holy lands once again.                                                                                                                       Keep in mind, no peaceful religion ever grew as fast as did Islam.  It spread by intimidation.  Their persuasion was at a swords end.   They are still doing that everywhere.  Even in Detroit they demand Sharia law apply to their colonies, or else.  After the draining Crusades the Islamics were quiet for some time.  Much of the Muslim holdings devolved into the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) which had defeated the Byzantines.  The Ottoman’s kept provinces in outlying places.  Their head church guy became the only Caliphate.  It ruled its distance holdings with a loose hand.   Three of those were called Tripoli, Algiers, and Tunis.  Collectively they were called the Barber States. These States, (as other parts of the Ottoman Empire) continued their war, by attacking ships sailing the Mediterranean and demanding bounty for their return. (Today it is off the cost of Yemen and Somalia.)   Then Thomas Jefferson said no tribute, and attacked the pirates creating the Barbary Wars from 1801 to 1805. (The Marines went ashore and kicked butt—hence the reference to Tripoli in their hymn).  Once the Muslims were beat back they went quiet again until the First World War when Turkey joined Germany.  Remember oil had not yet made them rich. The first small producing oil well was started in 1908 in what had been Persia. The Ottoman plan was to ride on Germany’s back and retake all of the Middle East and northern Africa.  Some had been lost to ego-tyrants.  This mistake was the end of the Ottoman Empire and the opening up of the holy lands for others.                                                                                                                                                The point is there has never been a time, since Mohamed took Mecca, that the Muslim faithful have not been at war, attempting to take land and souls. There have been quiet times, but only when beaten back, or when they have had major problems internally.  This internal problem continues today between the various sects of the religion. The hate conflict between the Sunni and Shiites is typical.                                                                                              Now, at present it is different.  First the free world enriched the Muslims by buying their oil.  Second, the rapidity of communications and the wonder of modern electronics makes for a fluid battlefield.  No longer is war limited to one or two places.  Third, Islam can now attack, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, the USA at the same time.  Not in a big way, but in an old way.   Blow things up, shoot people down, destroy tall buildings, cut off heads, show mass killings, and intimidate folks.  In the mind of the activist Muslim the Koran drives him to convert, or enslave and kill.  There never has been another choice, another option, and another way.

Finally do not be sucked in that some Muslims are your friend.  The fact that the King of Jordon appears to be a friend is only because his rule is, like our way of life, threatened by the Muslim activists.  The Islam war is not a surprise attack.  It is not an all-out attack.  It is simply an old war continued on as it has been. Today it should be identified as a World Crusade. You can call it World War three if you wish.  It is all the same.   It is either them or us and they have set the stage.

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