(OR:  The chaos of Political Correctness is upon us.)


Sitting on your hands and being political correct has allowed the pro-aggressive to move inland and set up controlling strong points.   Sometimes you have to step back and look at what is happening, and compare that to the 50s to understand how far Socialism has taken over.

The Measles scare is the present crisis pro-aggressives will not let go unused. They will not even admit that their demand for illegal children to cross our boarder is a cause.  NO, NO. How could we think of that?  .  Probably without the intrusion of thousands of foreign children this crisis would not exist.   Also while on the subject, measles is not as threating as Ebola, and properly treated, is on about the same level as a robust flu.  The left is using the scare to create more governmental jobs in the process.  Many Republican legislators are falling for the “Political Correct” posture.  They do not understand that being free means you have the right to reject medical care. Obama care is another issue.  You should resist any governmental demand that it be compulsory.   There is a very logical and scientific basis to back your position.   The left does not care about truth and reality.   First of all,  we should all have the right to control our bodies.  Progressives love this argument if it relates to abortion, but not to vaccination, or other health care.  A great example of their defective common sense.  Second, parents should have control over their minor children.   Big Brother invading your home is socialism at its worst.

Many folks have avoided the measles vaccination because of their fear of causing autism. They are wrong.  Using science and common sense we can educate parents why.   Autism is not caused, by anything after birth.  It is a genetic defect which is not curable.  It is a general term given to defective common sense.   Now a Liberal will not understand this, because most of them have the problem. The only reason some parents believed vaccinations are at fault is because the vaccination is generally given at the same age that autism begins to be identified (unless it is very sever). It is that age when the child begins to speak and carry on thought exchange.   It is then the parent begins to notice something is wrong.   Sorry folks it is not the vaccination, or the coffee you had this morning.   It happened when the egg and the sperm got together.  This education could stop the scare, but unfortunately most progressives do not want to touch the subject (too personal) and many non-progressives have never thought of it.

Regardless of truth and science liberals want control.  They will claim it is not politically correct to think otherwise.   Let me give you another example of how far socialism has gotten into your house.  It is worse than the measles crisis created by the left.   The Rooster has seen this coming for a long time.  It is here with a vengeance.  It is the Government telling you how to raise your children.  Ask yourself these questions.

Do you hesitate touching your child in anger?

Are you afraid to spank a child?

Are you afraid to grab an out-of-control family-  child and shake them into some sense?

Are you afraid to yell at your child?

Are you careful not to be left alone with some one else’s child?

Most of you will have answered these questions in a way demonstrating fear.    Why are you scared?   Because you have heard so many stories of the Government storming into a family and arresting the adults and/or taking the children away.  That is the evil of Socialism.  Here is a TRUE STORY  that happened last week.  It happened in Middle America. Not in a large metropolitan city.   The people in this story are people the Rooster knows.    The father had twin daughters by a wife who became a drug addict.  He raised the two girls.  He remarried and had a boy and girl with his second wife.  When this story happened the twins were 17 and the younger children were 5 and 6.  The family was a hardworking, law abiding Middle America couple.  For several months the father and the step mother had been having trouble with one of the 17 year olds.  She had become abusive, resistive and all the bad things that a teen ager can find to do.  In other words she was in rebellion and nearly an adult.  One day she became verbally abusive and difficult in an out of control way.   The father slapped her hoping to clear her head.  She, no doubt following her school’s teaching, called the sheriff and reported her father for child abuse.  The sheriff had his instruction to contact the Local Child Endangerment Department, and they all came out to the house and took all 4 children into “protective” custody.  They came in and did all this without a search warrant, hearing or any other due process.   Keep in mind the other 17 year old and the 5 and 6 year old were not involved in the complaint.  Common sense tells you the complaining 17 year old will be very remorseful of what she has caused, but it will be too late.  The 5 and the 6 year old will be badly traumatized by the loss of home and mom, not to mention Dad etc.   The socialist/pro-aggressive does not care.   They only care that they can tell people what to do.   Now this family has been severely hurt for a life time.  It will cost them thousands of dollars and hours of time to try to get the children back.  When they do a court will no doubt put them on a type of probation?  Their scars will never go away.   The striking loss of common sense in all of this is that the socialist do not recognize that children are the least reliable in telling the truth.  They can be manipulative as a part of their immaturity.   The socialist do not understand that sometimes it is better to shake a child out of crying than it is to let it go on for hours.  They do not care that fathers and mothers are never perfect and can lose their cool under pressure.  They do not care because it is control they want and demand. Worse they do not understand that the control they seek, will destroy itself, just as all socialist experiments have, taking with their destruction millions of lives and hopes.  They do not want Constitutional  Due Process.

Mandatory vaccination is a part of the illogical progressive mantra. The above example of controlling your home is already in place.  Freedom and family are the footsteps to a hell socialist create.  Stand up and fight back.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015

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