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Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer, politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.    His web page, is www.theroostercrows.net  




(Or; The last fraud standing.)


            We the thinkers,  are waiting for the outcry,  the screaming,  the demonstrations, the  swelling and bursting  of the Multitude in anguish.    It is not happening.  Little to nothing is being said about the dirtiest John around.   Actually, Kerry makes a really bad water-closet look inviting.

            When thinking of Kerry think of a glorious facade, so loved by the President, that he wants him to represent the U.S as Secretary of State.   Yes our Dictator wants a fraud to represent United Socialist Amer—ika on the world scene.  Obama is laughing at us hysterically.   Kerry should make your skin crawl, your stomach ache, and your legs buckle.  He is the biggest piece of Shinola in Washington DC and that is his big accomplishment, save getting up every morning.

            Were we in Athens,  a long time ago, the cynic Diogenes would have suffered his lantern   blown out by the close presence of  John Kerry.   Diogenes’s,  God forsaken mutt, Rataplan, seeing Sir Kerry, would have fled in fear with his tail between his legs.  Yes, Kerry’s evil spirit would have caused  Ghost Busters to give up  searching. They would have found the ultimate poltergeist in mans cloth.

            As we go over his career honest men can not help but wonder  how such a “nothing” could go so far.    In the Democrat party  this opportunity seems to exist in glorious abundance. 

            Let us not forget that Kerry’s only experience in doing something for gain was to marry a billionaire.    He could not pass the State Bar examination and did not practice legal law.  He so wanted to be adored by the public and needed money to get it done.  Marrying an empty sack with a billion or so did the trick.   With her money,  he could buy his adoration, and become a wealthy Senator.

            Even his military service was not to serve his country, but to serve him self.   He went into the Navy (The clean service with the best officer clubs.) to get as many ribbons and metals he could to make him self a Nero,    Upps!! Wrong word….hero.  The Rooster served, as an officer,  the Army and Navy. He became very familiar with his type.  Kerry was one of those officers whose only purpose was  going into places, or saying so, just to get a metal.   Kerry,  himself,  told the world, he was on a Christmas raid into Cambodia, which is tough since he was not there during Christmas time.  He gained fame by testifying (Under Oath you know.) before Congress about fake atrocities committed by our real soldiers.  You see it was all fake like he is fake.   He put up other witnesses who lied about their observations especially about their really being in Nam. All fake.   He  compared our soldiers to the ruthless hoards of Gangues Khan.   Not over a beer, but to Congress, under oath.  He lied after swearing to tell the truth.   He lied to gain the adoration of the anti-war crowd.  Remember his lying about accepting Chinese dollars for his campaign to be President.  It just goes on and on.

            The worst part of his military nonsense was his pretending to earn a Purple Heart and Silver Stars.  The first he faked, and the latter he bought.  He is not dumb.  He learned how to work the paper and buy signatures without risking his darling little face.   He is not and never was a decorated hero.  He was and is a decorated fraud.  The only real thing he did about his metals was  throwing them over the Presidents fence. But wait, did he?    He is so fake and self centered, that 10 to 1 he did not throw the real metals and ribbons.  Bet you they are in his possession even today.   Believing the overwhelming number of swift boat folks, he served with,  hate him,  you have no better proof  of his character.

            Even as a Senator he has been a fraud.   Avoiding paying taxes on his boat, and telling one lie after another as he pretended to be sincere on trips  (Junkets) to Afghanistan et.cet to visit our  “Hordes of Drinkers of Horse Blood”.  What has he championed for the people? What governmental structure is he famous for?  The whisper heard in the hall ways of the Senate is that JK wins the coveted Mirror award.  You know the one given  to the most egotistical.

            Of course it all fits.   Obama so hates the image of the America he is destroying, that he first appointed Hillary as Secretary of State.   Yes our world wide Representative has been a person Obama beat up and threw under the bus.    Now he appoints a truly empty suit sitting in an empty chair, to tell the world of the miracles on 32nd Street.   This really is not funny, folks.  

            Is there a Senator who will try to stop this nomination?  The Rooster does not see such a person.  Cowards and limp rags one and all.  That Senator, if he or she comes forth, will be the only person in the room who will have really earned a Purple Heart.

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            Protest:  Fly a Betsy Ross Flag, or the current flag, upside down.


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November 8, 2012

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