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Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer, politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.    His web page, is “The Rooster “ 


                                THE FOX IS IN THE HEN HOUSE

                    (Or: Let The Stealing Begin.)


          It is 2:00 AM November 7, 2012. The Rooster was wrong. The Fox won.  Even Chicken Little knows, “The Sky is falling down.”

          Yesterday, a day to ever be known  as the anniversary of the end of our Constitutional Republic,  happened.   To those of us with common sense the unthinkable is now reality.    The noble experiment of our founders is over.   Should our land of law, over whim, ever arise again, it will be through the debris of chaos.

          A man with no past continues to lead the Socialist hoards through our fields of industry, taking what they want, when they want it.   If you think stealing all the money from the bond holders and stock holders of General Motors was a big deal,  “You ain’t seen noth’in yet.” Obama will not change.  Do not bet on his waking from his autism.  It will take awhile but before long there will be nothing left worth the taking.  The Bush Tax cuts are history which means immediate higher taxes.   Obama and gang will increase taxes without the House’s agreement.   Even the poor will pay as they always have with inflation.  His health care tax  was and is the largest tax increase this country has ever known. 

          Sadly Obama and his, will soon learn there is not enough money to pull us out of our financial collapse.  Those with money will do what ever they can to move it, hide it, and transfer it out of his taking.  Those who are trapped simply will, be trapped.  Industry will slow. Gold and cash will be preferred.  The dollar will continue to  fall against other money, and either Obama will push inflation more than he has, or he will devalue the dollar.  All this means recession/ depression or what ever else you want to call it.  We simply will fall in on ourselves.   Obama will use the Military to control, and continue the removal of the Generals and Admirals he does not trust.  Do not be foolish and believe the House of Representatives can stop him.  Who else then?   Do not pray for the Marines to help.   The loss of a citizen military, years ago,  has left us with mercenaries.  They will do as ordered.  There will be no help from Foreign Countries.  All of Western Civilization has fallen to the have nots, and most of the others are ruled by despots. You see Socialism/communism is simply legalized stealing. It is taking from some to give to others.  That is,  the head of the Government, backed by the police and military, passes what ever laws it wants, to legalize what ever it wants.  

          The over 16 trillion dollars  of national debt can not be paid down under present conditions.  Obama will continue to suppress enterprise, so there will be no new value.   The present dollars purchasing value will fall drastically.  The debt can be reduced with worthless money, but you know how China will love that.  Unfortunately it will not just be China.   All of us will suffer..

          What are the immediate consequences you ask?  First there will be months of shock.  Even Obama will be slow to move.  There will be no budget, because Dictators don’t have to do such petty things. Probably the most hideous occurrence will be the demise of the conservative voice in America.  The Rooster too  wonders if crowing is worth the risk with the Fox in the pen.   In other words Free Speech, the most important freedom, will be dangerous.  Not too long ago a Romanian refugee told the Rooster,  he had escaped Communism, only to find it rising here to drown him once again.  He said soon we will all have to …… then all he did was place his index figure across his mouth…. to signify “silence”.

            Most of the bill of rights will be disregarded by Obama.  Soon he will control the Supreme Court.   If you have a gun, shut up and hide it.  Religion has already taken a big hit, and it will get worse, except for Islam.  Islam and Socialism are kin, simply run by different power brokers.  Obama loves both.  Israel now knows it is alone and it will do what it has to do to protect itself.   You can believe the Israelis are worried about us.   They are indeed surrounded.

          As our Countries financial condition worsens, civil strife will occur. It will not be by the common sense folks.  It will by the very people who voted for Obama. No one can predict where it will take us, but the Rooster can tell you, it will not be good.   Certainly it is a part of the Socialist game plan.  Break the country, and then control  it by force.

          Is there a ray of hope?  If so it is very dim.   Early in the evening of November 6, Rooster watched  (Joan Of Arch), Sarah Palin being interviewed.  She was in disbelief that a victory was not occurring.  Her face showed the terrible thoughts she must have been having.   This was before we knew about Virginia, Florida, and Ohio etc.  Her disbelief is shared by most of us.  Conservatives are very poor demonstrators so do not expect them to take to the streets.   There is a small light on in the House of Representatives.  They still have the power to bring a bill of impeachment.  The Senate will not act on it, but the House could really gum up the works with it.  Will they?  Do not bet on it.  Each of the conservatives there thinks of themselves as being in the same broken life boat, watching the Ship of State, slide beneath the sea.   

          The Rooster has been flying the United States flag at half mast for over 6 months.   It will now be flown upside down, and then taken down and carefully packed away.   It now represents a lost dream.   Take care of yourself.

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