(Or: The best counter measure, is too un-invite them.)
Let us talk about the “Horrible” illegal immigration problem in the EU. Today some 40 dead ones were found in a truck. We read many articles of 1000s arriving on the bankrupt shores of Greece and other countries. It is in our news, daily. Remember you see some of the millions of invaders in the USA, every day. Just look around. These invasions should not happen.
Some reports tell us that between 1999 and 2000 there were 3,600.000 home invasions in the U.S. Now this includes break-ins, burglaries, home rapes etc. Rooster knows two people who, were at a guest’s home for dinner, when the house was invaded, by thieves who threaten them and stole all their money, jewelry etc. That is two too many. In the US we clearly see and understand that unwanted entry into anyone’s home is illegal and scary. How come few seem to get upset if the invasion is hidden and many of the invaders are protected by their own Government? You older folks remember the 1944 movie “the Uninvited” with Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey. You younger ones recall the 2000 movie “The Uninvited” staring Mekhi Phlter and Mori Morrow. All shock movies dripping in horror. That is obvious what we think on the subject if it is within our walls. Somehow we are blasé about it if it is outside the house, but in the neighborhood.
Why is it that the U.S.A has not stopped its illegal invasion? Why is it that Europe just does not seem to be able to stop the invasion of 1000s and maybe millions of mostly Muslims from wonderful countries ruled by Muslims? Of course there are others. For example in the EU many are Christians fleeing Muslims. The question is still there. Why can these countries not stop the invasions? They call them migrations. Why?
Success is not difficult. It is time consuming and expensive, but not impossible. So why does it go on? All you have to do is gather up the invaders and deliver them back to the Country they came from. You keep doing that and pretty soon the invasion will become a random crossing. If the Country they came from, refuses to allow your boats to land, then you force the landing with war ships. You deliver them with a month’s supply of food. Point is you find a way to do it. Your Leaders should never allow it to happen. Why do they?
The answer lies in their political beliefs. Socialist/progressives/communists etc. are all one world believers. Borders are in their way for a one world happy family of home invaders. You see they do not see them as invaders, but as poor lost souls following the wrong set of beliefs. Most of Europe’s leaders are people of this belief. Even Merkel in Germany is a soap opera when it comes to these tough decisions. Clearly France, Spain, Italy etc. have no leaders who read history. If they did they would see the terrible things that happened to their countries when invaded by Muslim Armies a long time ago. Those same things will happen when this invasion takes its beach heads and moves further inland. Send them back to the Counties that born them. It is their problem and let them deal with it. It is not the problem of other Countries. If you wonder why Trump is leading in the polls, it is because he alone says he will close the borders and deport the illegals. Europe is desperately in need of someone to take Trumps example.
People with common sense understand what has to be done, but are a forgotten minority. Uninvited…. so to speak.

PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. 2015

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