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(Lance Armstrong – Barry Obama:—- Wheaties, the breakfast food of Champions.)
In the title, some of you probably thought Rooster meant Barry Bonds . No he meant Barry Obama. But Bonds or Obama , it’s all the same. Lance Armstrong cheated as he peddled and lied. Barry Bonds cheated with Steroids and lied, and Barry Obama cheated about his birth certificate, about raising taxes, about a zillion things, and lied about it all. Lance and Barry B. were stripped of their titles, but not their ill gotten gain. Obama’s future is still in the bottle. They all are cheaters, liars, and thieves.
What is the common thread and meaning to us,? What is beyond their common infidelity to law and order? Are they the cause or the result? What is the danger to us, the common folk, caused by this “ in your face” falseness? What does it all mean for the future of you and your family?
To find answers we first must agree, that a good and safe society depends on good laws and good obeyance. (Sic.) By this is meant, there should be little law. (The Constitution is about 33 pages.) What is on the books, must be clear to most. The law must be fair, and it must provide that” law” rules. The mind set of some egomaniac, does not. Included in this mix are penalties and the will to make them apply to each and every member of society, including the President. If this is so, every one who walks on the grass, when it is against the law, will suffer the same consequences. To make this so, law makers must know laws need to be worded briefly, but also few in number. The larger the volume the more excuses for disobedience. Every member of the community needs to know what to expect, what to plan for and around, and needs to know favors will not be tolerated. He or she needs to know the Courts will be assessable and that each Judge will follow the law and not his or her bias or prejudice. If we had this situation, life would be relative smooth, industry would be rewarded, and peace would prevail across the land. Neighborhoods would be safe, and gangs would find the going tough, because the neighbors would not tolerate law breaking. You see it is not just the duty of the police. In a law society it is everyone’s responsibility. The law should be king, and every citizen the steward.
In America’s beginning this was the case. There were very few progressives,* who by and large disregard the law to get their bias and prejudices in place. This early period was rocked by the Civil War. This conflagration between brothers and sisters tested the very question of “The Law”, and in the process it became clear our “icon” of law, the Constitution, was no longer the nation’s legal bible. This, not so, civil War tested the ability of one or more states to leave the Union and its results dramatically changed the Constitution and “The Law” by the passage of following 3 amendments.
1-Lucky 13 terminated slavery and involuntary servitude, except when in prison.
2- Amendment 14 made all persons, born or naturalized here citizens of the States and the National Government. (The primary purpose was to grant citizenship to former slaves. ) However the progressives saw an opportunity to gut the 10th amendment which had reserved to the States all powers not granted to the Federalallies. They added language which went far beyond citizenship. That language is;

“No State shall make or enforce any law which
shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens
of the US, nor shall any State deprive any person of
life, liberty or property without due process of law
nor deny…equal protection …
This progressive sabotage, was to take from the 10th and give to the Federal Government powers the founders never intended it to have. Now it is Federalallies who decide who and what “abridged, deprived, and denied” something. It is they who interpret what “privileges and immunities” are or are not. They gutted the 10th amendment under the guise of fixing racism.
3- The last of the famous 3 was the 15th. Ostensibly it was to give the former slaves the right to vote. Of course this had already occurred in the first two, since they were now citizens. The real progressive purpose was to give the Federal Government additional police power over the States on issues of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Now you can better understand why we too often hear the “Race Card”.
Put together these bleeding heart amendments tore a huge hole in State power, and consolidated much more power in the Federal Government. This was, just what the Progressives wanted, and just what the founders feared.
Since then, this Federal Power has increased and expanded without being inhibited by the 10th amendment. These last words of the Bill of Rights became useless. The progressives have waged continual war against all of the bill of rights. The most noticed today is the 2nd amendment and guns. Again it is the false claim that the control of guns will save children. All untrue, but progressives do not care. What they want is absolute control by the Federal Government.
Getting back to the opening remarks, our decline away from the Rule Of Law is the cause and effect which, breeds contempt for standards and rules and which allows politicians to lie and get away with it, allows sports figures to cheat and lie, allows bankers and investors to steal from the worker and the god fearing law abiding citizen. When Joe Blow realizes it is easy to cheat the system, he or she joins the melee, and the system begins to come apart. There are more who want to eat the bread than there are who want to plant the wheat, take care of it, harvest it, mill it, prepare the mix, and make the fire to bake it.
Our Constitution is in tatters and no longer the cornerstone of “The Law”. Today a Citizen can not rely on “The Law”, to guarantee his or her freedom.
Can it be fixed? The odds of a peaceful fix are remote. Remember Constitutions are born out of the ashes and deaths of chaos. Of course not all. For example our various State constitutions were not the product of chaos, or were they.? Didn’t they mirror our Federal Constitution which arose from the ashes of chaos? Of course they did. You can pretty well predict, from history, that the United Socialist States, of Amer—ika will fall into chaos. Not even the Wizard of Oz can predict when, “The Law” will be restored. No one can define the terrible pain and suffering which will follow, but all common sense folks know it will come. Will the circle be broken? Can this metamorphous from Chaos to freedom, to tyranny to chaos be stopped? The Founders gave it their all, but as Ben Franklyn told the lady, “We gave you a Republic, if you can keep it” Ole Ben was no fool he. He knew we could not. No the circle will not be broken, unless humanity itself changes.

*Progressive: Here is defined as one who wants central control
in Government, and wants that government to take from some
and give to others.

PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross Flag, or fly the Socialist flag, upside down.

Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.
November 8, 2012

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