(OR: Look behind Bernie’s large crowds and ask, why?)
This Morning it was reported that the national tax income for 2015 is estimated to be Two and a half trillion dollars. The most ever. However the national expense is ½ trillion more than that. (500 plus billion for those in Isla Vista). The current national debt is 18 and a half trillion dollars and rising. If we spent all the annual income (impossible) it would take 10 years to pay off the debt. This terrible situation is because of Socialism. Just as with all Socialist experiments, if we continue, we will implode because the giveaway mentality will crush productivity.
The above is why Bernie Sanders matters. In one respect he is honest. He tells everyone he is a true blue Socialist. This means he will continue the above debt accumulation until our cornucopia is empty, like Greece and Puerto Rico are right now.
What we can learn from Sanders Campaign is awesome. Keep in mind the Democrats have a primary candidate who is a closet socialist. She does not pull instant or big crowds. Bernie’s are like Flash Mobs. By the thousands (27.500 in L .A. Portland 28,000: Seattle 15,000} these Socialist/ Democrats just appear out of the woodwork. That they show up in such numbers is what is important. Why and who are they? The why is because they are ardent Socialists? They are those brain washed by years of education failure. The who, is that they are mostly middle age and young folks. They are rushing to listen to an old white haired man, who looks his age, and speaks poorly. When someone takes his mic he lets it go. What attracts them is not the man. It is the fact that he is a card carrying, in your face, Socialist. What does this all mean? To the Conservative, this can mean only one thing. There is a tidal wave of Socialists out there ready to continue the destruction of our Republic. Let them find an American Lenin and there will be no stopping the plunge. Do not doubt me. They already have had nearly 8 years of rampage with Barrack. Most of you did not think sane people could vote for such a disaster a second time. They did. Their sanity is in question. The Conservative must understand he or she holds the life jacket in their hands. If properly handled it will save anyone, and everyone. If not we all will sink in the same cesspool of greed and entitlement. It will not be enough to win the next election. Why? Because a win will give conservatives only 4 years. We will be beset by debt problems, which makes any more time problematical. What is required is not only a victory but a meaningful reeducation of these hordes of thieves who stand at the gates ready to demand you feed them and take care of them. This then is the challenge. Is there one of the candidates who understands this and has the guts and fortitude to do it? The beginning could be as simple as denying Federal Aid to any School System that does not teach the merits of a Republic and the failures of Socialism. The second effort would be by advertisement handed out to TV and radio that do the same. The GOP candidates, Rooster sees, do not give much hope. Which one of them has said Socialism is a cancer of peace? Which one has said the greatest killers of their own people have been socialist governments? Which one of them has said Socialism destroys productivity? Which one of them has said the old order must be changed? Which one has said it like it really is? With Socialist stupidity failures around the globe you would think it easy to point this out. You would think pointing to Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Cuba, China, Vietnam, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Puerto Rico Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, etc. in your face, failures of Socialism, would be easy. No one is doing it. You would think telling people that the only thing they have to fear is free stuff, itself, would be on the lips of true leaders. It is not on the lips of those running. Trump, Cruz and maybe one other could, but will they? Think of this. China is stumbling and will fail. Germany is the strength of the EU. If it fails (Right now it is in decline.) who will bail out future members like Greece? If the USA fails there is no country or group of countries which could bail us out. Our chaos will be very personal.
PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution. Wc 678 Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. 2015