(OR: Partisan, partisan, and how.)
Let us take a look at the most recent vote for the Speaker of the House. Nobody in the media pays attention to the details. Rooster has not seen one article on the lopsided nature of the vote and what it means.
There are 435 members of the House of Representatives. A majority of that is 218. That is all it takes to elect a new Speaker of the House. Understand the vote is not spontaneous. Weeks of conferences and back and forth go on before the election. This means that by the time the election finally happens everybody in the room is pretty confident how many votes are stacked up where. Keep in mind the Speaker does not have a party label on it. The Speaker should be one who can reach out to both sides and move the ship of state down a safe channel. Mr. Ryan’s initials sound promising….PR. Obviously the majority party prevails, but not always. The Party label is reserved for the next in command, the Majority Leader and the next, the Majority whip. The same exists for the minority. The title of the “Speaker of the House” is neither Republican nor Democrat.
In the election of Mr. Ryan, the Grand Old Party voted 236 or 54% for Ryan. 9 voted for Webster the GOP Freedom Caucus’s favorite. Three Democrats and three Republicans voted for others. The Democrat votes, except for the three who pushed the wrong button, voted in a block for Pelosi for Speaker. This is what is important.
The GOP has many voices. The Democrats do not. Just looking at the candidates for President tells you that. One voice has become the mantra of Liberals. They follow the leader and do as they are told. Very robotic you know. Behind the scenes, almost 50 GOP’s balked and wanted assurances from Ryan before he could get their vote. The assurances gave him most of them. Nothing like that on the Democrat side. 184 voted for Pelosi in a solid block. End of thinking.
One would have hoped that the left, knowing the vote, in a spirit of cooperation, in a spirit of patriotic attitude, would have allowed their people to vote for the new speaker, and maybe not even run a candidate. They did not and they have not shown any such common sense in a long time. Looking back on the vote for Obama Care the very same block headedness occurred even for those who, by doing so, would and did lose the next election. Look, obviously Ryan had enough votes to win. Pelosi obviously did not. You would think, that in a spirit of cooperativeness, some could at least vote for the obvious winner. Not one. Not one Democrat voted for Ryan.
The left, far more than the right, will not cross the isle. Rooster always remembers an event in the Senate when McCain was running against Obama. McCain went across the aisle and shook hands with Obama. Obama was not even receptive to McCain’s overture, and gave a ½ hearted hand in return. McCain had to retreat with an embarrassed look on his face. Some years ago Democrats built a wall, and will not allow grazing on the other side. It is their way or the hiway. The Country would have more discussion and back and forth if the House was all Republicans. Maybe that turns on the light. Maybe Republicans are Constitutional Americans, and Democrats are not.
Still when the House Speaker vote was already in the can (Movie talk), when there is not the slightest question about the winner, you would think common sense would dictate a more public show of cooperation. Not so with the Democrats. I would not call it a goose step mentality. More of a lock step, but never forget it was German Socialists who invented the former. It is still a favorite of North Korea and other very socialistic countries.
PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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