(OR: The Political vibrations are unnerving. )

Before we discuss the domestic scene, have you noticed how the low price of oil is causing our foreign enemies to gasp for air. Look at what it is doing to Venezuela. Socialism, without easy money, collapses. Look at Saudi Arabia pulling the U.S. rug on Al Jazeera, their propaganda news service. Just not enough money for all the freebies. You will be able to observe even more trouble when Iran tries to peddle all its oil currently stored in multiple tankers. It is wonderful to watch. Take their income away and watch them squirm. It should be the new way to fight.
Now, the domestic scene. What is happening with Bernie Sanders and Brun-Hilda Clinton? What is happening in the GOP multi-headed elephant.? The polls are Shocked, they say Shocked about what they find? It is necessary to read all the small articles, listen to the main stream, and listen to the radio wise ones, to fully understand the shrugging and shak’in that’s going on.
The Democrat scene is downright frightening. The boldly admitted socialist/communist, Bernie Sanders is gaining a full head of steam. Of course it is white and his 74 years of age slumps his shoulders, but his boat is sliding past Brun-hilda’s. The fact that Ms. Clinton is losing steam is not what is frightening. What should scare the hell out of you, is that there are so many people who flock to socialism. What is stoking the fires on Sander’s ship is not his appearance or his oratory. What is pouring on the coal is a desire for Socialism. A dislike of Brun-hilda helps, but the polling of both of them shows one huge bunch of voters wanting to throw out their freedoms and liberties. This means at least 1/3 plus of the voters, like sheep over a cliff, will embrace Socialism, even though history clearly shows it always fails. This means 1/3 or so only think about themselves and today. They do not think about you and tomorrow. We can thank the 20 or so years of socialist teaching in the schools and lack of teaching of the need for a thinking voter, and a representative republic. If Bernie wins it will clearly pitch socialism against a Republic. If Brun-hilda wins it will also pitch socialism against our Republic, but just not so clearly. It makes little difference which one wins, their political message will be the same.
The GOP scene is startling. Startling because it is kind of like a volcano about to erupt. The ground is shaking and the shrugs are noticeable. How much it will blow or if at all, is the question. No matter how many millions are spent by the compromise candidates they do not move. Jeb Bush is clearly stuck and unable to move. Obviously GOP voters are not interested in one who will compromise with Socialism. The two top guys, are Cruz and Trump, or Trump and Cruz if you please. Cruz has a track record of not compromising but fighting to the last vote. Trump says he will do better. Trumps track record is in business give and take and Cruz is the proven legislator. Both are attracting the attention of the thinking voter. At this point one of them will probably win. Which one will best be able to obtain a majority to win in a General Election?
What we have shaping up is a major battle for our nation’s soul. Will we become a full blown socialist state or will we return to the principals of a democrat republic? History has seen the collapse of democracy, many times when the economic problems are upside down. Too many people will vote for their stomach and immediate good feelings. To take advantage of bad times the socialist will lie and promise the moon. America’s political scene is turning sour. The world economy is upside down. The situation is ripe for the loss of freedom and liberty. Hang on, but do not just sit there. Do something helpful. PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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