(OR:  Do you really understand this flag?)

If the destruction of ancient monuments and works of art, by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, disturbs you, so should the destruction of the Confederate Flag.   We are talking about taking down and hiding a bit of history.   The flag in question was never the flag of the Confederate States.   It was a flag specially designed for their troops to take on to the battle field. The purpose was to identify enemy from friend.  It represented our brothers and sisters serving their duty to a government that existed 150 years ago.  It was and is a battle flag, much like a Navy ensign flying from the bridge of our naval ships.

The flag flying in South Carolina, was never the flag of the Confederacy. Never, at that time, was it a flag of one of the States making up the Confederacy.   The Confederacy had only two national flags.   The first was called the Stars and Bars.  It had a blue corner, like the American flag, with 7 stars in a circle.  The rest of it was two horizontal red bars separated by a white bar in the center. In 1863 this flag was discontinued with a new design called the “Stainless Banner”, which was white with the upper inside corner showing a replica of the battle flag.

The Battle Flag never represented Slavery.  It represented the troops of the Armies fighting for their view of States rights.   Slavery was just one of the issues that caused the Southern States to decide the only way to protect their rights from the aggressive North was to leave the Union.   Yes, the Northern States, being industrialized, had an entirely different agenda than the agricultural South.  Both the north and south bear responsibility for the hatred between the two sides. The first conflict of that costly war was in South Carolina, where Confederate troops attempted to remove a U.S. Garrison at Fort Sumter. Thereafter the new American  president, Abraham Lincoln, called up 75,000 troops to stop the Rebellion.  The South called it a succession for State rights.

Right or wrong, the flag should not be a symbol.  It is a simple battle flag. To those ignorant of history it is a symbol of Slavery.   To say that, exposes a weak mind.  It is not fact.   Rooster loves history and wants to preserve every bit of it, good or bad.  To hide it is to destroy it.  To do so ranks at the top of stupidity.  What is considered bad today, might not be tomorrow and so it goes.   Point is to destroy history is to destroy tools of education.

If the Civil War battle flag, should symbolize anything today, it is not Slavery.  It is States’ Rights.  The real issue is not a memory of Slavery. It is the threat of States once again deciding it is better to be free than put up with the National agenda.   In other words those who want to continue the power of United States, , cannot afford to have States departing on their whim.  The issue of Slavery is as dead as the flag in reality.  The issue of separation for any reason is the fear of hand wringing iconoclasts.

Back to the issue of simple history.  Destroying History has unfortunately been the bane of humanity since we began to socialize.   Destruction and obliteration of the enemy, and the history of its existence, has been routine. Look at what the Allies did to Europe in the Second war.  Look what Hitler did to London.  One can even argue the extinction of the Neantherdal by the Homo sapiens is part of the same.  Today Europe  destroys  evidence of Hitler, and forbids anyone to talk about the Nazi regime (A form of socialism).  That is wrong headed.  Also it clearly is a denial of free speech.   It would be better to talk about it, and to hold its monuments as evidence of wrong doing than to scorch the earth and leave nothing to use as teaching tools for the next generation that comes along.

Destruction is the tool of fools.  Let us try to rise above such nonsense.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR:   The greedy always eat their benefactors. )


What is the real significance of 61 percent of the voters, in Greece, voting not to
tighten their belts and “Knuckle down Winsocki”?  (From the 1941 Broadway showBest Foot Forward”)   Well for Greece it means 61 % of the people are brain dead or silly, and want to be hurt.  It cannot mean anything else.  It also means, as Rooster has always said, any given population is roughly divided into threes.  One third are common sense disabled, 1/3 are in the middle swinging from side to side, and 1/3 are ruled by common sense.  In this case most of Greece’s middle voted for the blind and greedy, and a few voted for Common sense.  The Yes vote was 39 Percent.  Just based on demographic data the vote was predictable, and the socialist leaders knew it.

What, however, does it mean on the world stage?   The Greece vote confirms that liberals suffer commonsencelessness (sic).  Their ability to see the future is flawed, big time.   The present Greece government is as liberal as they come and do not forget they were voted in, at a time austerity was turning the Greece economy around and things were looking up.  This referendum simply allows the present government to say,”See we have to vote this way because the people want it”.  Just a cover, and a lie, the mantra of liberalism.

Most important, Greece chaos is a good example, of the problem with Socialism in all its forms.   Think of socialism as a cancer where one type of cell eats good cells. .   Cancers only cure is massive doses of anti-cancer treatment, which can take many forms.  Most are very painful to peace and tranquility.   Socialism is the taking from one group to please another group.  The problem is the pleasing time only lasts as long as the victims put up with it.   You can never expect those getting free stuff to pass a law taking away their free stuff.  Just does not work.  There ain’t no free lunch, but to a bona fide liberal they either do not see it, or deny it.   Ok, let us look at the big picture.   Greece is just another present day example of the failure of Socialism.  The U.S. is now a Socialist country so you can expect the same routine.  Are there other current, on- going examples?  Oh!!  yes there are.   How about Cuba which is right next door.  Castro’s promises of free stuff failed, from the git-go.  The economic collapse has been complete, except for the collection of 1950s cars.  Now Cuba’s economy will be repaired, somewhat, by an overflow from a new star in the socialist galaxy……. us.   Look at Argentina.  It is a combination of socialism and dictator, which is normal.   The present dictator is the only one with a motive to kill a prosecutor who challenged her.   Look at Venezuela.  Since Chavez came into power by giving free stuff to the greedy, that country has been in an economic collapse.   Only its oil reserves have kept it from hitting total bottom. Political opposition is smashed.  With a few exceptions most of South American countries are in one phase or another of socialism with strong and weak dictators.  As you look across the globe this same show is repeated over and over again.  Historically the greatest example of this failure was and is the Soviet Union. Its pure socialism collapsed and was replaced by a lesser form, but again with a dictator. One day he too will vanish and Russia’s bumpy road will continue.

Common sense folks understand that there should be a fair and equitable balance between the haves and the have-nots.   What they do not get is the chaos they cause by allowing Haveanots keys to the treasury.  It seems fair and equal but it is not.   Many great thinkers have talked about this.  Democracies always fail because they allow the Havenots to vote themselves a key.  In a Constitutional Republic a citizen is born equal, but he or she does not grow up that way.  For peace to prevail a system of government must be devised which prevents the taking, provides care of the helpless, and rewards hard work and good deeds.   This system will necessarily have to restrict the vote of the brain dead, greedy, and silly.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR: Obama gave away the Ice Cream in China.)

One of the greatest frauds being committed on United States Citizens is China’s selling inferior products.  We still think of  “American Standards”, but  we are receiving Chinese junk.  The inferiority is so great that it is fraudulent.   Of course Obama did not even have this on his list when he sat down in an oriental purple what-ever, last week.  Rooster wants you to join him in demanding  “American Made”.  If none, complain and call a spade a spade.

Anyone who has traded in Asia, knows the reputation of the national Chinese. They are shrewd business dealers. They are in a habit of getting blood out of a turnip.  We are the turnip.  Obviously Obama has never done business with them, because they got to him on this visit, in a big way.  He got nothing.

Any casual reader of the news has read repeated situations where Chinese buy an existing company with a good reputation. It is not just in our Country.  What they do next is use the good reputation, to sell junk at high prices.  They deliver inferior products and pocket the difference.  Sometimes they do the same thing by buying, not just one company, but several of the suppliers for a product. They then low ball the price and force out of business any they have not bought.   This conduct produces cheap products both in quality and durability .   For too long American people,  have had bad leaders with no international business skills. They have allowed this fraud to go on.   When was the last time you heard an American leader demand we buy American.   Never.   When was the last time you heard any American leader demand that foreign products meet American Standards?  Never. When was the last time an American Leader made a demand that we set high standards to which foreign producers must meet.  Never.

Here is a great example.  Today, if there is an American Company that makes an electric icecream maker with all parts made in America,  Rooster cannot find them.    In the past White Mountain Products used to make one that would last 15 years or so.  They made them to American high standards set by industry.   Not today.  The former company’s name is just one owned by the conglomerate, Jarden Corporation.  This investment group is riding on past reputations, to milk every dollar they can..  The dollar profit is the goal, and to hell with American reputation or consumer satisfaction.   Behind them is the Chinese cheap product aiding the fraud.   The present White Mountain Ice Cream maker with the Chinese electric motor and housing is a piece of trash.   The old reputation of 15 years life is used to sell, but they deliver 1 or two years of use.  That is called fraud.   Rooster found one where a small local company “ Mountain Feed and Farm Supply”, advertised the same machine as “American Made”.  Rooster asked them if it was in fact all made in the U.S.  This small company then called White/Jarden and was told that it was made in China.  The sales people had mislead this small company. To its credit it immediately removed the “American Made” label when they learned the truth.    Today if you try to find any smallish electric motor made in the U.S.  you had better go to EBay and buy an old one.   At least the motors we used to make can be rebuilt.   The Chinese pieces of junk cannot. Rooster also gave up on Chinese Popcorn makers and finally found an old U.S. made one on EBay.  It was cheaper than the Chinese Junks and works great.

Jarden Corporation would comply with high American Standards if there were any left.  Our Government needs to set Standards, not tariffs. This is what Obama should have demanded on his China trip, instead of lowering himself to wear a purple jump suit—— made in China.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(Or:  A vote, like a sword, can save your way of life.)

In these last two days Rooster wants to impress upon you the importance of your vote.  Do not waste one drop of it.  Do what you can to make certain others around you vote, unless of course they are brain dead.  In that case forget them, because there are plenty of that kind who will vote.

Always, in every democratic society,  approximately 1/3 of the people are in fact brain dead. They do not think beyond their navel, and have little concept of who is who in the political world which surrounds them.   They vote as they are programed.  They cannot even tell you if Washington D.C. is a State or not.  They probably will take offense if you suggest the government gives too much for too little.  Why?  Because most of them depend on the Government for sustenance.   They fear change not for good reasons, but simply because it threatens their tomorrow.

Most of the 1/3 believe Government is Mom. They know enough that voting Democrat means Mom will be ok and no spankings will happen. Sugar and spice and everything nice.  This 1/3 is the group who says Obama is doing a good job.  No thought just mindless adoration for someone to care for them.   When Obama’s approval rating falls to 1/3 this is the group who steadfastly supports him no matter what.  Why? Because they do not think about “What”.

This is why you your vote is so important.  Common sense people who think about politics are already down 1/3 from the get-go.  When you and yours vote think about that.   One/third have already voted against your hopes.

Good Luck.   Vote.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(Or: Beam me up Scotty, no intelligence gathering here. )


Webster says, a”terrorists” is one who uses scary stuff to frighten  you into submission and/or subjugation.  Of course Rooster simplified it a bit, but hope you see the ambiguity. What is scary stuff and who is scared, and what is subjugation?  What if the stuff is not immediately scary, or you don’t scare easy, or the bad guy  is waiting  to subjugate you later.   For example;

Football player Hussein, (whatever his name), this weekend past, got down in the End Zone and prayed to Allah.  You know, down on knees, rear end to the sky  and banging head on ground.  If you saw it you should have spilled your drink all over your nice shirt.  Not because he prayed.  Because he did it knowing how the Progressives  came down on Tim Tebow.  Remember Tim?  He was the quarterback for the Broncos who expressed his Protestant religion, by knelling, and bowing.   Since that uproar such an act is now called Tebowing.  Also there is the Tebow Rule. It forbids a player putting a religious messages on the black stuff they paint under their eyes.  The furor was bad enough to establish these stupid rules.  Catholics seem to get away with crossing themselves.  Somehow progressives are not bright enough to know all prayers when they see them. Maybe they give Catholics and Muslims a pass.  The point is Hussein acted as a “ terrorist”, as defined. . He was probably coached to do it.  His handlers knew a Muslim prayer would test the media, and its failure would do damage to another Western institution.   Of course some of you might say it was spontaneous.  So was the collapse of the twin towers.   The Referees’ were on top of their game and knew the rules against Tebowing and the Tebow Rule.  They found Hussein was un-sportsman like and penalized the team 15 yards.   In the light of media distortion, and fear of Islam, the next day the league said the Refs. were in error and apologized.  Sure, the four guys on the field were just dummies.  Muslim terror worked didn’t it.  The League and the Media subjugated themselves before Allah.   The conservative approach would have avoided this cave in.  Conservatives respect religious acts and there would be no Tebow rule ET cet. Conservatives say if you want to pray on the field it is ok so long as you do not disrupt the play.  But pro-agressives (No, Martha it is spelled correctly),  having warped common sense,  blunder into this type of error all the time.  Progressives attack peaceful Christianity but run scared from Islam.

The Hussein prayer incident does focus us on the question of who is and who is not a “terrorist”.  Let us limit our view to the Islamic world since it is the source of most terrorists today.  You know!  They are the ones who Hijack planes, cut off body parts, and blow themselves up in crowded places.  When a progressive defines a terrorist,, one can almost hear Peggy Lee sing,  “IS THAT ALL THERE IS?’  Forget the progressive narrow definition of terrorist. They have already caved in fear of Islam.  You see a Muslim’s bomb explosion is just the tip of the terror iceberg.   Hussein’s praying on the field, is in the same class as the Muslim who comes into a free country and steals as much welfare as he can and produces as many children as he can.  They are part of the huge bottom part of the Iceberg. You should be scared knowing that the entire Iceberg is moving to establish Sharia law and destroy that which is not. There is a nautical saying  that; “If you can easily see the tip of the iceberg you are too close”.   So it is here.   Every Muslim who follows the Koran, is driven to convert or kill the infidel.   Rooster has often used the legal term, “Aider and Abettor” to describe all the so called peaceful Muslims.  Of the millions of Muslims there is only a tiny weenie number who want to redefine the Koran, into a book of peace.   These reformers are not relevant.  All  Koran believing Muslims laud the activists who are busy making bombs and sharpening knives to cut off a part or two.

The point is you cannot limit the term “Terrorist” to those who put TNT in their shorts or shoes and try to kill non-believers.  The word must include all those who help and support them.   In most religious and philosophical works, one will read or hear this phrase.   “KNOW THY ENEMY”   Knowing your enemy is a tool for self- preservation. Common sense recognizes the world has many people who want to take from you, or take you.  To defend yourself you must study and become very familiar with the enemy.  You must know them better than you know your mother.   In the real world this maxim is the core of intelligence gathering.  Rooster worked in this field for years and knows intelligence must spend little time on friends, but loads of time on those we fear. Intelligence gatherers know it is not just the robots who hijack a vessel, or set an explosive pack amongst Boston runners.  It is not just the Major who betrays the trust of his fellow military and kills a bunch.   Your enemy is the entire Iceberg.  It is the movers and shakers and handlers as well as the robots.  The Koran is their commander in chief.  It is Islam which must be destroyed, or converted.  It is the hundreds of years of their brutality to infidels.  It is the Imams, the Minarets, the costumes they wear and the women they enslave.  It is every bit and piece of Islam that is your enemy.  Know them and you will know your enemy.  Never forget you are the infidel and their Koran demands your conversion, or….. bang/slice  you are dead.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(Or:  The Phantom of Obama’s Opera)

Let us understand that the Benghazi cover up has the potential to be the last straw in  Obama’s Barnyard.  It will be far more important that the next debate.  The reason, is  it will be in the daily  news , until the election.   The Debate is just  a one nighter in this sordid  opera  .   Did you notice that in the first two debates ,  when Obama and Biden directed their eyes at the camera, those eyes looked  beady?   Not the eyes of a common sense person trying to communicate, but rather those of a wild animal caught in a trap.

The Benghazi cover up began with the intentional killing of our Ambassador to Libya, and three other Americans trying to defend him.  Two of them were former Seals who happened to be in the area.  They were volunteers, not  security.  You must not forget that the killing took place in a supposed safe house near the official building.  In other words the attackers had better intelligence than we did.   Moreover, beyond a reasonable doubt, there was no riot or even a small gathering of folks before the attack.  The Ambassador was on the move and the attackers knew precisely where he was going.

Now who is the  Phantom of this Opera?   Who is that person or group  that invented this cover-up?   Who planned the immediate response that the cause was some unknown, (To Most) T.V. production .  Who spent the time looking for it and any other anti Mohammed gigs to ID and put on the shelf.?  Facts are  the Obama team used the cover before the Ambassador’s blood was dry.  The UN Ambassador,  Ms. Rice (Obama’s choice), hit the deck, a running with the story that the Video was the cause of it all.  The same story spilled out of the White House as told by anyone who could get to a mike.   Even Obama repeated the same lament, before the World at his address to the United Nations.  What happened to the classic response, “We must reserve comment, while the investigation continues.”   Not a normal moment , here.  Obama and his minions, immediately began  apologizing and directing all fault on some hapless parolee in Southern California.  Free speech took a hit.

What stands out, is that this instant cover-up, was not instantaneous.   It was on the shelf.  It was planned, just as the attack in Benghazi was planned.    It is as if some brain dead person decided to have an instant cover, for  attacks on the  anniversary of 9/11.    Common sense compels this conclusion.   Some  person or group, had decided to deflect any such attack from the real reason, “The memory of the  Islamic killing of some 3000 of our people”.   (Please recall the jubilation though out the Islamic countries on 9/11 as the people celebrated their victory over the twin towers.) , The deeper question is why was this cover prepared,  and who is responsible?   Remember Harry Truman had on his desk, “The Buck Stops Here.”    This Buck  must stop at Obama’s desk;   however, fixing responsibility is not the end of the last scene.  Obama is not a micro manager.  He is a two bit actor with Islamic roots.  Who then is the director, the producer, the financial backer of this Phantom of the Opera?  Is it Media Matters and its financial backers, like Georgie Sorros ( What was his real name anyway?) or some silent group of Saudi Saints, seeking world domination?  As you think about this, be expansive, and inventive. The Rooster does not know, but somebody does.   That somebody is not a friend of the United States of  America.  That non-friend controls what comes out of the White House.  That control is reckless, chaotic and very dangerous.

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             (OR:  Big Daddy Long Legs, tells them at the G 20)


Today,   in the news, you may have  heard a brief statement from a Russian Diplomat saying that our Secretary of  Distaste, Lurch, was a liar.  Opps!! A media mistake followed. Nothing further was heard, but it happened.  Just as Rooster suggested in his last article, the gas attack was more likely to have come from those fighting the Syrian Government, than the Government.  Just common sense, Amigo,.  We now have a message from one of the bad guy leaders, Nidan Baloosh (something like that) who says they did it.  Probably true.  Remember most of the rebel held territory is that part up against Iraq.  Wasn’t it Iraq’s gas that made its way into Syria?  Of Course! and the Rebels probably have some or all of it.

The big story is not that the gas was probably  used by the Rebels who have little to lose by doing so.   As Ed Sullivan used to say, THE REALLY BIG SHOW”  is that Obama and his caddies would try to start a war based on such a lie. Those  who pay attention to the little things, know Progressives are very good at the big lie.   Now why would the Sunni Obama want to do that?  The reason is written in history.   A war gets everyone off little naggie things like the bad use of the IRS, the Bengasi disaster, the Financial Meltdown that is beginning, Buying and giving US guns to Mexican drug lords,  the failure of the Socialist Medical plan (Obama is spending some 8 million to advertize it.), the destruction of our Armed forces by not supporting it, like pushing horny 20 year old boys and girls together in the same barracks (Sexual abuse there is now a major problem.) and of course, not the last, the spying on all of us by our benevolent Pig Brother.  Obama is acting  just like FDR.  Rather than tackling the root cause of the depression, rather than putting companies back to work, rather than providing tax incentives to small business to bolster up the middle class, FDR played with socialist things like the WPA and NRA.  His most important  government stimulus plan  was selling war material to Great Britain and France.   Get the idea?   Government pays for the guns and trucks, creating government dependent jobs, and sells them to other Governments.  FDR needed war to have us forget all his mistakes, and  give him permission to socialize the country.   It is a sad story that repeats over and over.

Obama is like a cat covering up a mess.  War is his hoped for answer, and his caddie’s just pick up the mess and move to the next hole.  This Morning Sunni Obama spoke to the world while in friendly Russia.   Did you listen?  Nice stage.   Do you know who paid for all those news people to be there?   You did.  Spontaneous?   No, he planned it all.   The most startling statement from your President, was that there was no doubt in his mind that Assad pulled the trigger on the gas used to kill civilians.   Funny,  Nidad says he did.  To say Assad did the deed with no physical evidence that he did, is pure and simple a lie of major proportions.

Rooster can not help but believe there is the Sunni/Shiite hate element here.   Obama denies he is a Muslim, but his step father and Kenyan Father were Sunnis.   Sunnis hate Shiites  and visa versa and they kill each other as often as they can.  Proof is Iraq where the two Islamic faiths are in constant battle.  Right now they are killing each other at about 30 a day.   Obama favors Sunnis and Assad is a Shiite.  Just maybe this is why he wants to destroy the Syrian Government—–,or maybe his lies simply are a cover up.  Clearly, however truth is not present and accounted for.




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June , 2013


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Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer, politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.


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(Or:   Bar food is not free)

The Progressive war cry “Wealth must be redistributed”, is not true. In fact it is so obviously un- true, it must knowingly be made to mislead. The Rooster has discussed this issue from other points of view, but the falseness of this war cry must be addressed and exposed.

The truth is in the obvious facts.   The average human being, in an affluent society, lives only about 75 years.  That is peanuts in the life of mankind and certainly in a society.   No one has ever taken his or her wealth with them.  It is all left right here in River City.   The odds are it will be left to heirs who will spend it on themselves and Society.   The overwhelming facts are that the heirs, with a very few exceptions, will simply live off the wealth until it is dispersed.   Regarding the exceptions, their numbers are very small.  Even if they take the wealth and double it, the odds of the next generation creating another such exception is extremely rare.  Unearned wealth promotes laziness and lack of industry, because the need to make a profit is gone.   The lack of motive is private wealth’s cancer.

A very few of the wealthy will,  during their life time, understand this,  and try to have their wealth do good things for a period of time beyond their lives. The donor of hundreds of community libraries, Andrew Carnegie, comes to mind.  The wise ones will create trusts, endowment funds, etc., but these depositories of wealth are not controlled by the wealth makers.  They are controlled by those living off of them and so in time will disappear.  They will either be downsized, dissolved, or merged.   The point is no one has figured out how to have his or her hologram continue dancing without paying the electric bill.  Without the profit seeker in charge, the electric bill will get all out of shape and not be paid. The hologram will just fade away.

The above is provable beyond a reasonable doubt. Well not the part about the hologram.  So how is it the liberals cry, “Redistribute wealth” continues to be held up as a truth?   It is a corner stone of progressive agendas.   The explanation is the criers are not interested in waiting two or three generations for the wealth to be naturally redistributed.  They want to take it NOW, for their benefit.  They do not want to let nature take its course for the benefit of others.  It is sad to know they can blame Global warming on you, but cannot take blame for wanting to take your wealth NOW.    You see what they want, is instant gratification, NOW.   It is difficult to see any difference between their creating a law to take it, and a man holding a gun in your ribs to take it.   The progressive and the gun tote’n thief both, want your wealth, without working for it, and they want it NOW.  These onerous laws are the very reason so many Citizens try to protect their wealth in foreign places.  These bad laws simply create more bad laws, like the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act. (FACTA) where the progressives use legislative guns to force foreigners to identify your accounts in their countries.

There is no natural law which supports this progressive corner stone.   It fails the litmus test of reality.  So how is it the Progressive who lives next door or just down the street can support such a lie?   Ignorance, greed, and common sense deficiency are explanations.   It is also a lack of courage to face the fact that it is theft.   They paint it pretty colors and put on fancy clothes and call it compassion, but it is not.  It is still what it is, a lie.  Making a law to steal does not change the character of the act.  The only rational justification for paying taxes is to receive consideration for the money paid out.  When the taking far exceeds the needs, the Government becomes the worst type of criminal syndicate.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution. Wc 675  Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. June 2014.


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His most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” can be obtained from  Amazon-Kindle.

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First we must understand progressives  are generally common sense deficient.  This disability allows them to make destructive decisions, not worry about it  and  tell lies to  “getter done” .   Second, this destruction  of the  California’s Judicial System is not about the existence of courts , judges and attorneys. They still exist.  We are talking about the substance and social value of the system.

Let’s take a look at the typical California Court System as it existed up to the 60s. The destructive  work of progressives started  then.  At that time  the trial courts were of three types.   Justice courts, for very small places.  Municipal courts and Superior Courts, co-existed in  bigger places.    Each court was allotted certain business based on the amount of the controversy, or the nature of the crime.   The wages paid in the Justice courts and the Municipal courts were much less than those paid for the Superior Court.  Each Trial court generally had one bailiff and one clerk.  Court Reporters were on call.  The bailiffs were generally older or disabled Marshalls or Sheriffs.  The overhead was low.   In those times Judges were appointed, as they are now, by Governors and the latter tended to pick buddies and people with the same philosophy.   Back in those days there were Republican and Democrat Governors,  but they did not live on different sides of the moon.   Appointments were more or less even on both sides, and most of those appointed  believed in the Constitution.  They worshipped the Rule of law. It  was sacred.

In the 60s the body of lawyers, called the Bar, consisted of men and women who went to a few very good law schools across the nation.   There were no fly-by-night law schools. The Bar, unlike the Medical profession, did not have a system of internship.  What it did have was a system of Pro-bono work that new Lawyers were encouraged to perform. This acted as a hands on training system. This meant a new attorney would spend time defending folks, and advising folks for free.  This acted as an internship.  A typical graduate of USC law school could spend time on the Federal and State indigent panels representing folks and donate time at Legal Aids giving free legal advice.  It was great experience .  Law students then received a good schooling on the rule of law, the duties they owed to  Judges and the Courts, and what the Constitution and Republic was all about.

The first progressive torpedo was to destroy pro bono work, first in the Criminal field, by creating a  Public Defender.  None had existed for 100s of years.  This was the end to the ad-hoc internship. The progressive’s whine was that the poor were not being treated fairly.  Heard that before?  The Public Defender office simply became bureaucrats, more interested in their vacations and retirement than the Bar.   The poor suffered.   Worst of all the progressives put no limits on who the Public Defender could defend.  Anyone, rich or not, could and can  get their advise at your expense.   This means, of course, that the Bureaucrats, doing  what they do best, increased their power,   More clients, has meant they can demand more taxpayer’s dollars., and have a bigger empire.  The progressives also created Legal aid organizations paid for by you which took over the pro bono civil work performed by the young lawyers.

The second bomb was to demand more law schools so the poor would be better represented.   What was then created were law schools hell bend on getting good ratings based on how many of  their students passed the bar exam.  To hell with ethics, the Constitution and the rule of law.  These test schools sprouted like wild grass after a spring rain.

As a result we had too many lawyers and not enough business. Pro bono was destroyed and the average lawyer sometimes made minimum wage.  This made them hungry.   Taxpayers also had pushed on them such things as the Federal Program of Legal aid for the poor.  Like Acorn it became a hotbed of liberals destroying such things as land lord and tenant relationships.  They even passed out hand books on how to screw a landlady.  The cure,  the progressives said, (who now dominated the Trial Lawyers clubs),  was to allow advertizing.   Up to this time the rule was, (had been for 100s of years),  that a lawyer could not advertize, not even in the yellow pages. Why not?  Advertizing creates fraud and bad ethics in what is supposed to be a profession guided  by ethics.  So progressives opened the doors and you have what you have today……Big Business in TV adds etc trying to find litigants.  Never existed before the early 60s.   A part of this was to allow class actions, to spread greed and bad conduct.  Back then when a lawyer died, the firm could not use his or her name.  It was a misrepresentation and was not allowed.   Progressives  have allowed the dead lawyers name to stay on the door. Being star crazy, they love false facades.

What happened was that all the self control  of lawyers and judges  was whipped away.   Demanding ethics  disappeared, only to exist in a few honorable members, who kept and keep their mouths shut.  Professionalism died.

Now we have lottery litigation as well as lawsuits, designed to obtain millions of dollars from companies, to put in trust waiting for lawyers to  find clients to share some of the ill gotten gain.   It is Ill gotten, because it really is extortion.   Tobacco and Asbestos come to mine as good examples.

If you want to find proof take a look at the Court rooms themselves.  Shadows of their former glory.   Progressives got rid of Justice Courts, mostly, and all of the Municipal courts, so now we just have one Superior Court staffed by much higher paid people, using much more of tax payers money to keep it going.   With the break down of the rule of law and Ethics, the courts became dangerous places.   In all significant California Superior courts, you now have to go through a Metal Detector manned by high paid peace officers. Worse you are suspect even in the court room where several law enforcement types will even stand close to any attorney who dares to challenge the Judge or system.  Their conduct is threatening  and closes many mouths.  Progressives can not stand criticism.  No longer can the attorney, no matter how well respected, just walk in the back rooms and chit chat with staff and the Judge.  Now those areas are like bunkers and protected by the highest security.   No longer do the clerks take court documents over the counter.  Now, after the metal detector, and maybe a pat down to make certain you have no weapon, the clerks all hide behind bullet proof glass, afraid to be friendly.

The worst part is that with all the Recent leftist Governors the appointment of evenly balanced thinking judges has not happened in years.    Now each appointee is a left political activists.  There are a few exceptions but they keep quite and hide their true feelings.

Yes Progressives have really brought progress.   They, as they always do, throw down 100s of years of trial and error,  and adopt only error.   They have destroyed our judicial system in California and other States. That is just one part of our Republic.  They want to destroy it all.




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Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer Constitutional expert , politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is

the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.

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socialism—a different take





Syndicators Limited. 6500 Casitas Pass Road, Ventura, CA 93001 The

All rights to the article are released, Use it freely.


Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer, politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.    His web page, is “The Rooster “ 

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                SOCIALISM—A DIFFERENT TAKE

(Or:  Taking by Law replaces the gun.)

            America, is now a Socialist Country. The Stars and Strips no longer represents a Country of States United together for their mutual benefit.  It now represents a suppressive Government which will steal as much as it thinks it can.   At this moment,  most productive subjects (formally called loyal hardworking Citizens.)   are now making preperations to protect their assets and income.  Protect from  what you ask?   From stealing of course, of course, of course.  If we had a way to calculate how much money, assets etc are now leaving  USA for places where the Governments will be friendly, or at least not steal as much, or an official can be bought off, it would stagger your reality.  History tells us it has happened to every country that becomes socialistic.  America is no different.   The subjects who are trapped here will do the best they can…… by not playing by the rules.  The non producers, stupidly wring their hands in anticipation, of the good times.  Their failed or immature, common sense can not warn them, that what they are doing will destroy the good.   The producers, will not produce.  They will not be subjects or slaves.   Lenin, lately of Communist fame,  clearly stated and believed  that for Communism/Socialism to succeed it needed world domination so money and people had no place to flee.   His weak to non existent common sense, did not warn him that even if Communism controlled the world,  it would go  broke, because the producers will not toil in communist fields and factories.  Oh yes they will cooperate to an extent, but only for subsistence.   A few will join the bureaucracy and enjoy the corruption.  Today, in California, a large number of businesses leave for other States,  not so socialistic.  In California  small contractors have no work, and larger contractors survive off of government projects only.  As socialism gains strength in numbers, it loses value and wealth by the billions.   Say it over and over again until you believe it.    “Producers will not become slaves of  non producers”  The more welfare a Government provides, the less income it has to give.   Catch 22.  (Please obtain this 1961 book by Joseph Heller. In it he clearly demonstrates how producers will survive bureaucracy, one way or another, none of which are good for the future of the bureaucracy.)

            The root problem with socialism is that it is, (everyone agrees, socialism  taxes the wealthy to give to the poor.)  a thief.   Simply said it is,   “stealing from those  who have money, to give to those who do not”.   It takes by creating a law to do so and is little different from stealing by false pretenses, or embezzlement?  In either there is no force or immediate fear.   In either the person who has the value does not want to give it up.  The false pretender and the Embezzler always feel they were entitled.  What is the difference?  Are those,  who make  a law to take some ones property,  immune from the concept that they are thieves?   Logic says no.  Our Revolution is living proof.   You must understand, that it is not  taking which makes the crime.   It is the lack of consent.   America has millions who do not consent.

             One of the cornerstones of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights was its demand that Government  not take ones property, without  fair compensation, or at all.  Let the Rooster show you, amendment by amendment.

            1- The people clearly told the government it could not take their guns.  Guns     is property you know.      (2ND Amendment),

            2- They said Government could not take their land for the military in peace       or war,  without compensation.  (Third Amendment);

            3-  The people demanded,  they  be secure in their houses, papers, and       effects (Property to you at college.) against unreasonable seizures.  (Translation of “unreasonable:   Without compensation or a warrant from a   Judge.) Fourth amendment;   

            4- The Bill of Rights  goes on to say that no citizen can  be deprived of life,             liberty, or P R O P E R T Y, with out just compensation.  (Last time the       Rooster checked,  money was property.) Fifth Amendment;

            5-  The founders even considered Fines and Bails,  as something the             government could abuse.  They  said  the government could not steal from us   by  establishing excessive fines or bails.  Eighth Amendment.

            These Amendments (Bill of Rights) were necessary  before the citizens would agree to create the Federal Government. Their fear was great and accurate.     Read all the grievances stated in the Declaration of Independence.  Same stuff simply said differently.  The point is King George  (The British Federal Government.) was, in the eyes of the Colonists, stealing from them by taxation.  They wanted no more of that. 

            Even before the Bill of Rights, the drafters of the Constitution were not asleep to the danger.    They did not even grant the power of individual taxation to the Government.  It was reserved to the States.   They did give it power to tax imports and such, but not incomes and not people.  Contrary to what Chief Justice Roberts said, on the Health Care law, there is no general power of taxation given to the  Federal Government.  If the Rooster is wrong, then please explain the 16th amendment (1913) which, for the first time, granted to the Federal Government the power to tax incomes.   Of course no such power existed before.  Never has there been a grant to the Federal Government to tax individuals, except in the minds of the have not’s and their handlers.   Maybe this abuse will cause the next revolution .  It caused the first.   As a Nation, we have been there and done that, and history does repeat itself, because there are too many stupid people.

            As added proof, out of the past come the thundering hoof beats of the great “Declaration of Independence”.   It said the people were going to Revolt,  “For (King George’s) imposing taxes on us without our consent.”  The people have never consented to individual taxation, by the Federal Government.

            In Summation, the logic can not be challenged.   Property is owned by Govenments, and individuals (Alone or in groups, like Corporations) . Taking property of non consenting individuals, to give to others is stealing.   There is no power in the Constitution to do this, just as there is no power in an employee to embezzle you money.   Even saying we have given the Government the power to tax incomes, no where did we grant the power to take it and redistribute it.  In short, it is all about consent.  If the Government takes from the non consenting public then the productive population will take from it.  The Rooster does not consent.          Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to the above article.    Dated:  November 10, 2012