(OR: Where does it say minorities rule?)
Just in case you missed it, Obama’s administration is pushing to allow your privacy in a bathroom to be invaded by bodies of a different sex. Costume over reality. North Carolina is opposing it. That Governor needs our help. Here is why?
This entire matter is just one of the crazy things we are inheriting from the common sense deficient (CSD) liberals. Others are the invasion of the military with mixed sexes, invasion of Marriage with gays, etc. The list goes on and on. None of it is propelled by Majority rule. That is the problem.
Remember this Country and its States are Republics, not Democracies. The word democrat is the English spelling of two Greek words. Demos which means “the people”, and kratein which means”to rule”. A Republic is a form of government designed to check and balance the will of the people. That is why it divides the people’s power into Administrative, Legislative, and Judicial. That is why there is an electoral college in presidential elections and why we have delegates and conventions rather than a push button situation where everyone votes at the same time on every issue. History holds the record that people power can too often be corrupted be impulsive and be emotional to its own disadvantage. Oh! No, you say. Then why do good looks win over bad looks. Voting for a face or a promise is generally done without use of the brain. In a Republic the legislators must agree on new laws by a majority and in some cases by 2/3 vote of those present. That is some distance from people’s rule (demoskratein).
What the CSD ones have done to us is to run over the majority rule and impose rule by minorities. What is causing the Crazy Stuff is their blowing out of shape civil liberties and using the President and Courts, rather than the legislatures, to make law. Rooster really doubts that a free legislature would allow the mixing of hot blooded 20 year olds of different sexes in the military, and knows free legislatures would not have destroyed the concept of marriage, and gender in our public bathrooms. Debate, committees, lobbyists, petitions and so forth would have provided that common sense would prevail. Not always, but 90 percent of the time.
So what you have is a minority of people, demanding that even smaller minorities be favored over the will of the legislative majority. In the present makeup of the Supreme Court you have 4 who activate for these minorities, and not the will of the people. Each was appointed by Democrat Presidents and approved by Democrats in the Senate. A few Republicans agreed in the spirit of unity, but not in the spirit of good governance.
These invasions of majority rule are evil. Evil because they violate the rule of the majority, evil because they sow seeds of dissent, and evil because the end result will be chaos. The CSD ones do not see it. Hope you do.
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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