You hear it all the time. Trump is causing a populist movement, or his attraction is just an example of populism. Always it is made to sound ugly. Well, Winston and the Rooster want to discuss that with you.
First, you need to understand what “Populism” really means in the political sense. To we, the historical nuts, Populism is a derogatory term referring to the French Revolution of 1789 to 1799. That revolution was ten years when France tore itself a new one. For those who do not remember. In 1789 France had a Dictator who called himself King. The country was broke after several wars and a couple of years of bad crops. There just was not enough sour dough, cheese and wine. The people hurt under the new taxes and less income. Using the American Revolution as their excuse the intelligencia ( Sic.socialist types) called upon the people to revolt and that they did. The people not only revolted they became revolting. Not only did they do in the Royal family and destroy everything Royal, they then began to eat their own. Up went the Guillotine and off went the heads of even the intelligencia (sic) The people’s leadership changed daily and became a national nightmare. When historians think of Populism they are reminded of this terrible time in France. The 10 years of chaos ended with another dictator, Bonny Prince Napoleon, a military guy who brought some peace. So much for pure democracy.
Is Trump in charge of populism?. The answer is no for many reasons. Yes, the nation has a pretend Dictator, but the pretend part is that he is not who he says he is and he failed to take complete power. Yes, we are broke, but congress has not overdone it yet with taxes. Yes, we have a fancy, stupid, bunch of folks who think they are intelligencia, but they have not lead the charge, and they won’t come out of their comfortable college temples. Trump is not the leader of this popular uproar, but he is riding the wave and taking advantage of “The Movement.” This movement is driven by disgust. Disgust with politicians and their hanger-ons who simply promise and promise, but only take for themselves. It is disgust over a black man who has let everyone down, especially those of color. It is disgust with our role in the world, It is disgust with the values of everyday life. It is disgust that these insiders would run up 14 trillion in debt while making too many citizens dependent on them. It is disgust with our weak military, and military leadership. It is disgust with the professors who teach failed socialism, It is disgust with the bureaucrats, and the double dippers who are ripping the system off. In general it is a big disgust with the entire rotten fish barrel. People, registered as Democrats and Republicans and others, want someone who will tell the invested to go to hell, damn the torpedoes, and yell, full speed ahead. That person is Mr. Donald John Trump, born in 1946.

PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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