(Or; My God man, you voted for that shell?)

You should be very worried about the thought process of Democrats selecting their political leaders.  Empty chairs, and hollow suits seem to have the inside track.  Think about this.  Every Democrat in the Senate supported (Whisper) Harry Reid as their leader. They have done this over and over again.   In the House every Democrat, even after this grand election loss, selected Nancy Pelosi as their leader.  Going deeper into the psychic of a Democrat, they selected a man with no history to run for President, and after his true colors were laid open, voted for him again.  Much has been said about Obama, so it is not necessary to go over it.   The analysis here is to ask why, people who claim to have brains accepted these very strange humans as their leaders, over and over again.

What thinking process makes this possible?  All three of the above patently appear to have difficulties with everyday things. Whispering Harry hasn’t smiled in years.  Nancy could not throw a ball if her life depended on it.  Obama keeps smoking and hiding it.   The Rooster long ago observed in each of them characteristics of autism (Defined as common sense deficiency).  The same can be said of many of the lesser leaders. For example, both Senators from California.  Many years ago, at College, Rooster had many personal conversations with the now Senator Feinstein.  Physically she was attractive   Very quickly Rooster discovered she had a personality to avoid.  She thought only of herself and her main goal was finding a rich husband.  She found one and wa-la she became Senator. She is autistic. She was and is willing to lie to get what she wants. .  The worst aspect of people like her is their ability to tell the really big lie and get away with it.   So what is going on here?   Their fellow progressives and their attending rubes accept this miserable conduct as standard fare.  No one demands truth.  They are so successful at the big lie that even common sense leaders are in awe.  Every day folks puzzle about this strange behavior, which invites self-destruction.  A person like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Stalin, Hitler, Moa, Castro, and Chavez (out of breath) have such a warped upside down common sense, and they do not comprehend the human suffering they create.  Their lies attract the non- thinker (Rubes) to buy their snake oil, in droves.

The full explanation lies in imperfect human behavior, complicated by autism. ** Simply our society has more mental problems than we have been willing to talk about.  Here is a small example.  Put a bunch of men in a room and tell them to select a leader. Their tendency will be to select the tallest in the room.  Visually he appears to be the strongest.   This tendency is dangerous because height has nothing to do with intelligence or common sense.   This type of idiocy persists, in many forms.    Let us look at Obama.  His glitz as a speaker and manipulator, is the same stuff.  He was not the tallest, but his acting ability got the spot light. He played on white guilt, which is itself a form of brain failure.  This adoration is visual and emotional.  It is not mental.   Many examples exist.  Worship of movie stars, athletes, and musicians runs along the same lines.  There is a human tendency to go for the apparent golden idol and not ask questions.   For those with autism (CSD) this is more pronounced.   Every conn uses the lie to gain an advantage.  Progressives understand the power of the lie in a public place. The problem for the common sense citizen, is that it is difficult to believe this is really happening.  First you just cannot believe they have the guts to do it and then you cannot believe they get away with it.

What you are having trouble with is the scope of this mental disability.   You have always thought the mentally imbalanced had to be bipolar, schizophrenic, or some other well defined problem.  The seriously mental ill folks are not many, and are not a part of your daily life. CSD is wide spread, but you have not been willing to accept that 1/3 of any population has it to some degree.   Of course its variants can make identification difficult.  For example your strange neighbor may have good common sense in many things, but in a couple he is really bizarre.  That is what makes him strange.  An autistic person may really be great in a limited talent, like the English singer Susan Boyles or Martin, or James Hobley. You are beginning to see them surface much more today.  What you are not seeing visually, are the many, many, who struggle with common sense each and every day without a special talent.   Some mask the problem by learning to accomplish day to day routines.  There are a lot more of them than you know.  When Rush Limbaugh says he knows the liberal like the back of his hand, he is talking about this.

Finally, people with common disabilities tend to find solace with each other.  There you have it.  It is not a mental work out.  It is a comfort zone, and that is how autistic Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi can lie and stay upon their throne. Common sense folks, for their own protection and that of their family, must demand truth and prosecute the lie whenever and where ever it occurs.   Today with lesser influence of Churches, we have lost a major champion for truth.  Common sense people must fill the void with their voices and action.  Will there be a leader to step up and lead the way?  Yes, if we demand it.

Did someone say the Rooster just insulted and demeaned Democrats?  Well, yes he did.  He will do it again because the presently packaged Democrat is not a Christmas gift you want to receive or give.

**Autism, as a relative new category of mental deficiency.  Some who study it say 1 in 68 children are born with it.  Their error is in focusing only on those severely disabled. They do not include those mildly or slightly disabled.  It is safer to say one in thirty have a common sense deficiency which affects their daily life.  This problem did not just occur. It has always been with us.  In the 50s we simply called them “ner-do-wells”, or “under-achievers”   Todays electronics are accelerating identification.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2014.

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