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Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer, politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.    His web page, is www.theroostercrows.net  



(OR: How Sweet the Protest.)


        When the Nation falls over the economic cliff, slide or bump,  no one  knows  what will happen next.   Certainly  chaos  will happen.  Obama wants and needs  it to extend his control.    With it he will tighten his social agenda around our necks.  As we swing in his wind, you can see him gleefully wringing his hands,  and dancing around on his very skinny  legs.  Disgusting, but then, Nero and he have a lot of fiddling,  in common.   There is no difference between a city burning and one imploding.

            Now, having set the stage for a happening that should never have been allowed to happen in the first place, (Each Senator and Congressperson who voted for an unbalanced budget, or allowed no budget, should be honeyed and feathered and let loose in Bear caves.)  let’s consider what, we the thinkers and lovers of Government by law, can do.   Certainly we must not shut up, and go away.  You never know who and what we might influence. Most of you are shy, or afraid to do what the Rooster does, but you can have an impact.  

            Protest!!!!    That’s right.  Protest in many subtle,  but effective ways.

            One way would be to no longer salute the current flag.  Obama got away with the crotch salute.   So can you.   The current 50 star flag now represents a Socialist Nation.

            Another would be to not fly the Socialist flag.  Select the flag our country had when the Constitution was adopted.   It has 13 stars grouped in a circle.  Its name is the  Betsy Ross flag and can be obtained from a variety of places.   The Rooster has bought 4 of them, to fly at his office,  home, and a couple of other places.

            Another would be to fly the current flag as a distress signal.   You do this by flying it upside down.   Now an even more subtle way to do this, is to buy a bumper sticker of the flag and put it on your windshield etc upside down.  Only the dolts will think you made a mistake.

            A clever  protest can happen when you are talking to clerks at stores.  Other people are listening you know.   Think of something clever, like, “When you make change, don’t give me any Socialist coppers.  They are worthless.”   If the clerk  has the brain of a 2 by 4,  say something sarcastic like,   “You must have been educated by a Socialist.”   In the car world never miss the opportunity to say you support the only American Car company, Ford.  Under no circumstances buy a GM or Chrysler product and any time you can slide a remark in, about how the only way GM makes any money is by Governmental purchases, do so.   Be inventive.

            Have fun about the lack of U SA products.   Demand American made.  If none complain that only in a Socialist country would we chase away our own manufactures, and have to put up with inferior products that simply break.

            Make fun of the concept of a stimulus.  You may have heard Johnny Cashless, a copy cat singer, use the phrase,  “Hey, Obama stimulate this.”   Get the idea?   Any time you can ridicule what the socialist do, do.    Shaking your head is not enough.  You must be vocal, but in a humorous or clever way.

            Avoid all transactions where you will be supplying money to be scooped up by Government.   Ladies, bake your own  bread, make your own garment.  Gentlemen, repair that appliance yourself.   Fix the car yourself.  This is especially true in California, New Mexico, and New York where the Socialist thieves tax every thing that moves.

            Do not put money into bank accounts any more than you absolutely must.  Instead of dollars in a bank account, buy things of value.   Obviously precious metals come to mind, but antiques, valuable artwork, and collectibles are examples.   The concept here is to have the objects to trade when needed.   Remember that valuable things can always be turned into money, or bartered away for a relative value.   A relative value means the diamond will always buy the same amount of  bread, no matter how the dollar devalues or inflates. Another value here is that the Socialist can not track all the cash sales.   Impossible.  Do not help them financially.  Certainly do not donate to leftist organizations, and do not shop at socialist leaning companies.   Protest……Get it.

            Last, but  only from this pen, write your Legislator or legislatrus over and over again.   Most of them hide from E mails, but they still open snail mail and count the  opinions.    Remember Socialists are thieves.  They simply steal with a law to your head, instead of a gun.  This means they do not listen well, but it might help. Certainly it is better than sticking your head in the sand.

            Protest!!  Come on do your part.
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