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(OR: Only Democrats [Jackass symbol] say so.)

United States Citizens do not have a right to vote. Those who want to change our Country demand it, but it does not exist in our Constitutions, in our law, or any place. A right has to be established by our law, and that means our supreme law, the Federal Constitution, and our State Constitutions.
No where do our Constitutions give a person a right to vote. In the main body of the Federal Constitution there is no mention of voting power. There was good reason too. State law ,then and now, was and is the source of who may vote. Then Blacks and Indians could not vote and in most States a Women could not vote, a Felon could not vote, an under age person could not vote, the insane could not vote, the visitors could not vote, illegal occupiers could not vote, and legal immigrants could not vote until they passed a test that they understood our Government. The original Constitution did limit the age of persons to hold office. For example no one could vote for a person under 25 to be a Congressman. Maybe it can be said the Constitution did limit voting in this way. Voting ability was a State matter. You had to look to their Constitutions. Oh yes, and most states deny you the “right” to vote if you have not registered. Some Right.
Our Bill of Rights (The first 10 Amendments) does not mention voting ability either.
As time went on, Amendments were added to the Constitution limiting how a State might condition the ability to vote. Still no Amendment mentioned a “Right” to vote. It is the law that States still prevent many citizens from voting. Felons can not vote, underage persons can not vote, legal immigrants can not vote, missing persons can not vote, citizens in rebellion can not vote, the mentally insane can not vote, unregistered persons can not vote, and so forth. It is still the US law that to become a citizen via immigration you have to go to school and pass an exam that you understand our form of government. GET IT!!. There is no “being born” right to vote. The 13 amendment did not directly talk about voting. It simply said there will be no slavery. The 14th was added to make existing slaves citizens. It says, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States …are citizens . No mention of a right to vote. None.
Amendment 15 came along to make it certain that race or slavery could not limit what ever voting ability there was. Amendment 19 added Sex to the 15th. Amendment 24 added pole taxes. Amendment 26 declared that adulthood started at 18 and no State could prevent voting to those 18 or more. Still kids are forbidden to vote. . Ok… all the Amendments have done is declare that States can not use race, prior slavery status, sex, pole taxes, or age over 18 as reasons to deny a citizen the ability to vote. NO WHERE IS THERE A MENTION OF RIGHT. Conservatives do not claim a Right. Leftists do. Apparently they can not or will not read.
Now since we know voting can be limited and is, voting can not be a right. It has to be something less, and that, like the power to drive a car is called a privilege. If you are a citizen, you may vote unless you are a felon, under the age of 18, etc. Like all privileges you have to earn it, care for it or lose it. States should pass laws declaring this as a fact. They should set up tests for voter’s rules of the road, in English. Of course the leftists would challenge it, but the Constitutions should win so long as the rules of the road are not restrictive and reasonable.
Treating Voting, as a privilege, will have many good benefits for our Republic. First of all voters will be more savvy, and less likely to believe a lie. Politicians who use generalities will find it hard to be elected. There will be less need for billions of campaign funds because gloss paper and T.V time will not win the day with thinkers. The more voters understanding the process, the more the process will work. A simple solution, but where are the leaders who dare to find their way through the whiners, criers, and selfish people.
Treating voting, as a privilege, is of huge importance to the continued existence of the Republic and the retention of our liberty, equality, and fidelity. We must demand that voters think and know how to think. Today most do not. They vote with their bellies, not their brains. This is the weakness which will bring our noble experiment down unless corrected.

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