(Or,  Death follows the loss of will. )


As a former prosecutor, and long time student of the law and the Constitution, I have been shocked, I say shocked, at the loss of backbone by just about everybody, everywhere.  If the shoe fits– hummmmm!.   Each Citizen has a duty to defend the liberties, duties, and obligations imposed by the common law and especially as written into our various Constitutions.  Not one Constitution, nor any other law,  in the US sanctions theft or forgery.

Today no one wants to step forward and  call it like it is.  The will to fight back, or worse— the will  to demand laws be followed,  appears to travel in a hearse.  Every day there’s proof.   Where is the Tea Party spirit today?  Where is the will to stand up and say, “I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.” ? The wind of a million throats should create a maelstrom.  Instead we hear sucking   vacuum.  Do you see it in your work place?  Do you see it at your Church? Do you see at your dinner table?  The odds are you do.  If someone at dinner, suggests a controversial topic, everyone else looks uncomfortable. You know it is true.

When we lose our back bone all else fails.  It is the end of life, as we know it.   There is no question that in California, LU LU Brown and his Brown shirts are tearing apart the California Constitution, and taxing us without representation.  Just look into the www at the “California Enterprise Development Authority.”  What an oxymoron !!  In your face, the State is taking taxes  without bothering with a legislature, by creating bonds, and spending the loot, not on real enterprise, but on schools and other soft, none producing prizes.   There is no “ enter” in the deal.

The worst and most shocking examples, (Those you can see.) are in our Federal Government.  As one knowledgeable in the law of theft and governmental authority, I clearly saw the take over’s by the Obama Administration as theft. Now no governmental authority, save martial law, has the right to take property of anyone without compensation.  It does not make a difference that the Federal Government used the Bankruptcy Court.  Actually it was misuse.    Yet, we all allowed Obama to destroy and steal, billions of dollars owed to stock holders and bond holders of banks, insurance companies and automobile companies. No one in a position of some responsibility had the back bone to say no, to say wait a minute,  to say I want the courts to vet this.  No one.  Do you have any idea how simple the back bone could have been displayed?   Any member of the House could fill a bill for impeachment.  Once filed it then is in the hands of the manipulators, but the filling can not be stopped.  No one did.  It is not just the President who can be impeached.  Many of the Department heads can be as well.  Senators and even members of the House can be impeached.  Did anyone with a sense of the bizarre even think of filing a protest impeachment, against all the other members of the House for not speaking up in the first place.   Not one.

The most obvious and the easiest impeachable event  is the crime of forging Governmental documents.  Now in all Governments this is at least a  felony. In some they cut off your hands, just to watch you starve. The posted birth certificate of Obama is a clear forgery.  (I will not even go to his using someone else’s social security number on governmental documents.)   Many saw the fakery of the certificate when it was first posted.  I have spent a  working lifetime studying false documents.  I am actively involved in doing so today.  I have prosecuted cases involving the evidence of false documents.  I swear to you, the posted birth certificate is false.   Joe Arpario Sherriff of Maricopa county, Arizona,  who is being brutally abused by the Federal Government, counter attacked with his investigation of this insult of our intelligence.   His investigation, using the sophisticated tools at his disposal, is that the posted birth certificate, is not just a fake, it is a forgery.  That is a felony.  It is a crime being conducted by the President, which is provable beyond a reasonable doubt.   From a proof standpoint the case is open and shut.  There is no credible question about it.   What has been done?  Nothing!!  Has one member of the House gotten off the floor and with the last bit of his or her  strength filed a bill for impeachment?   No!!  Not one.  Talk about your cover-ups. This one is the most infamous.

I find the silence and the inactivity not only shocking but down right frightful. I have written a letter to Joe giving my support.   I am writing this column.  I am willing to do what I can.    What have you done,  my friend?  What have you done?

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